Monday, August 28, 2006

Just when you think the JonBenet Ramsey case can't get crazier, charges against John Mark Karr dropped.

How can something that you had suspected from the start be shocking when it actually comes true. John Mark Karr is not going to be charged in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Apparently the DNA found on JonBenet’s clothes was not a match to Karr. I thought this was fishy from the word go. He claimed to have picked her up from school the day she was murdered, when anyone who has half a brain knows that 99.9% of the schools in this country are not in session the day after Christmas. His ex-wife claims he was with her during this time, and ex-wives do not usually seem the type to want to come forward and help their ex-husbands with alibis.

There now seem to be three questions on my mind after this travishamockery. The first one is can they not find one competent person to run the DA’s office in Boulder? Isn’t this the second DA to c*^@k up this investigation? Maybe they just have to take what they can get because no one wants to be associated with the Boulder authorities and this is the best they have to choose from. Did these people not think to check out who Karr was associated with during the time of the murder and question them about his whereabouts? Did they just not investigate anything? I think they were just so excited that they thought they had a break in the case that they forgot how to run an investigation. Now they look like bigger idiots than the first time they bungled this thing.

The second question is what is the deal with this weirdo Karr? Why do you confess to a murder that you have to know has no evidence linking you to it? He is obviously a deranged individual and should spend some time away from society, but it is hard for me to comprehend the need to integrate yourself into this circus. The good thing to come out of this is, if he is indeed a pedophile, if this keeps him away from children so he doesn’t actually commit a crime like this, then this may be worth it.

Now the last question is the million dollar question and one we have been asking for ten years, who killed JonBenet? I can’t imagine that we will ever know what happened, barring a death bed confession, and even then can we be sure it is the truth? I do not see the Boulder police coming up with anything because they do not exactly inspire confidence. I still can’t help but feel that someone in the family knows something. It may be wrong to think that, but what can I say, I love conspiracies. Perhaps this whole thing was a conspiracy. Maybe someone paid Karr or agreed to help him out in some way if he took the fall. I am not sure we will ever know the answers to any of our questions.

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