Thursday, August 17, 2006

Zay it ain't so, Zayra is banished form RockStar:SuperNova.

Zayra is gone and no matter what you thought of her talent, and that is assuming she had talent, she made the show worth watching. Every week I couldn’t wait to tune in and see what she was going to look like and how she was going to butcher a song. As Bratch has said, she is one of the few singers that sing exactly as she talks. I have never heard an accent as thick as that in a singing voice. I am sure that this little showcase for her talents will get her some sort of deal. She does have talent and I believe she would make a very good alternative rock singer, like Bjork.

I do have to wonder why Patrice was saved over Zayra. At least Zayra brings something different to each show. At least Zayra takes chances and has the guts to let it all hang out. Patrice just does the same thing each week. I thought she did a decent job last night, but truthfully I thought Zayra's performance was great. Patrice is just delaying the inevitable. After being in the bottom 3 so many times already, I think her next will be her last. Get rid of her!

Another big development last night was the brand new SuperNova song that we got to hear last night with Dilana on lead vocals. I thought she did a great job, especially when she was surrounded by the 4 dancers and they were all gyrating and stuff. Perv Alert!! There’s only one thing, is this the best these guys could come up with? Is this not just a rearrangement of Bang a Gong? This song sounds like the generic free music that you can use in podcasts or radio spots. It just seems kind of remedial. I thought they were going for a new sound. I guess they did, I just thought they would be going for a future sound, not a sound from the past. As good as those musicians are, I was just surprised that they would come up with something soooooo old school. I’m sure it will sound nice on cd, but live, it just didn’t do it for me.


BRATCH said...

How about Magni's performance of Creep literally bringing Dilana to tears.

It was a a powerful performance. LOL

Even more funny than that is Storm's utter shock that Patrice and Zayra were in the bottom three. It's as if there isn't a genuine bone in her body.

Piccu said...

I don't understand Storm, well, I understand her, she is the most fake person in the world.

Every name that is called she screams out, "What?!!" Didn't anyone tell her that there would be a bottom three and that someone was eliminated each week? She has that sad hangdog look where she brings her eyebrows down and waters up her eyes, and then she pouts her lips sympathetically.

She then screams and yells like she enjoys it when she is placed in the bottom three. No one enjoys it and everyone should be happy when someone else's name is called for the bottom three. She sucks.

I did think she did a good job singing the new SuperNova song during the snippet I heard.

As for Dilana, she is an emotional person. I saw a new side to Dilana after Magni's performance. It even had my eyes wet. Actually I thought it was pretty good, much better than Udo's verison. I did not realize, however, that it is the song of my generation.

Dilana just gets hotter and hotter. Is that weird? I don't usually dig chicks that is all tats and no skin.

Travis said...

Yes. That makes you weird. Not that alone, but it doesn't help.

I'd much rather see Patrice gone. She's the most boring performer this side of Barry Manilow. Get her out.

Magni is your darkhorse guys. Dilana was crying because she feels the heat.

FYI, if that's the song of my generation, I would like to petition to change my generation. Creep?!? Really?!?

Orelinde_03 said...

I was shocked with Magni being in the bottom three. But we need to remember, the contestants are dropping like raindrops in a hurricane. I knew they wouldn't cut Magni, and I thought his perfomance last night rocked (as it usually does.)

"RockStar: SuperNova…..Zayra goes home!"

Zayra will make an incredible Latin singer or Industrial performer. It was way past time that she was cut, and I think the band knew that. I have to give her props for being as professional as she was, handling the elimination.

In my opinion, Patrice, Storm, and Toby have to be the next to go. Storm cracks me up, how 'shocked' she is when people wind up in the bottom three. C'mon...ya knew what the procedure is.

I never knew that 'Creep' was the song of our generation. Then again, what generation are we? I did like Magni's version better that Muncheche, Lucas's version.

And I have to agree Piccu. Dilana is really a beautiful woman (and I don't swing that way.). I mean look at her face, she is very attractive. The tattoo's, that is neither here nor there (then again I have 9.) And Travis....I happen to like Barry Manilow!

Travis said...

How about Perry Como? That boring enough for you?

So we're all in agreeance (thanks Fred Durst) Creep is NOT the song of our generation.

The song of our generation was of course the theme to Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Everyone knows that.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ok...Perry Como it is :-)

Piccu said...

I think the song of our generation is probably Smells Like Teen Spirit, which I know makes Bratch angry and he will be on here whenver he gets online capabilities back at work.

He hates him some Nirvana.

BRATCH said...

We are going to have to define "our generation."

I remember listening to hours and hours of what is now crappy pop radio back in the late 80's/early 90's.

Actually, the song of our generation was probably Enter Sandman, but it was played to death much like Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Perhaps Sweet Child O' Mine.

Travis said...

I was going to say Smeels Like Teen Spirit, but I feared the Wrath of Bratch.