Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Set your faces to scared sh#@less

I have recently seen the best horror movie to come out in the past years: The Descent. It was scary as hell!!! I am not claustrophobic, but there were scenes in this movie that I had to remind myself I was in a giant open theater. There were scenes in there that make you soil yourself. And equally as important, the movie/acting wasn't over the top. It didn't try to be clever or witty or cute, but just delivered lines. It told the story without giving much of anything that didn't need to be said. I am not saying that it will necessarily lose its effect on home video, but I don't think you'll wonder where your money went if you do go.


Piccu said...

I have read some mixed reviews on this movie, but there have been several outlets that I trust that have said this was a great movie. I usually do not go to theaters to see horror movies because most do not lose much on the small screen, but I have thought about checking this out. If not, maybe it can be a Scary Movie Marathon 2007 entry. I would imagine it will not be out in time for this season's marathon.

We could however watch this director's first movie called Dog Soldiers that Bratch has seen. He said it was awesome.

I have also heard that the ending you see in American theaters is the mega happy ending compared to the ending that British audiences got. Apparently the filmakers or more probably the studios thought American audiences could not handle the more gruesome ending that Brits saw.

Orelinde_03 said...

The trailer and coming attractions hadn't impressed me. It actually reminded me of 'The Cave'. But if you were as spooked as it seems you were, I will check it. I am always up for a good scare!

Cort said...

It was ALMOST really good. The first two thirds had me hooked. But, alas, it devolved into standard horror-film fare.

There are some good "jumpy" scenes. But, I also went home and slept like a baby, so it wasn't THAT scary.

6.6667/10 for effort.