Monday, August 28, 2006

RockStar:SuperNova Pregame Warmups

I am bored today. Anyway, I have some pregame hype for tomorrow night’s RockStar:SuperNova (Man, am I going to miss this show when it’s gone). I have a website linked with this piece that claims to know the winner of the show already. I am guessing the site is a gossip site and they claim that unless something crazy happens, and they mentioned an arrest, then this will be the one picked for the gig. I do know that they tape the Tuesday show on Sunday and they tape the Wednesday show at about noon EST on Wednesday, but I do not know how this info could have been leaked. You would think that every reality show would have a confidentiality clause about things like this. Another thing…THE SHOW ISN’T OVER YET.

I can’t imagine living in the house and hearing this news. Why would you even want to continue if the winner has already been chosen? This person who has been “named” as the winner better hope that SuperNova, or the CBS producers or whoever picks the winner, doesn’t decide to pick someone else because this has been leaked out. That is if it is even true. If you want to see who is rumored to have already been chosen click the link.

I am worried about Dilana and her little episode last week. I just listened to The Rock N Roll Geek Show and he did the RockStar recap show with his 16 year old daughter and she plainly said that she USED to like Dilana, but after she saw the way she acted, she doesn’t anymore. I believe that is why unless there is some damage control this week, I think we will see Dilana in her first bottom three this week.

I have just watched the reality portion, which is better than the actual show by the way, on the RockStar website and Dilana pretty much freaked out at dinner after the Wednesday night show. She was crying and she got mad at a camera guy moving in on her and cussed and flipped him off. She then got up and slammed a big glass onto the ground and a piece bounced up and hit Magni in the head, cutting him open. Not cool Dilana. She better hope the do not mention any of this Tuesday, but it wouldn’t be good TV if they didn’t.

Then they each had a photoshoot and most of them did well, except for Captain Sourpuss. The photographer asked Ryan to smile because he had enough of his p***ed off look, he wanted his happy, sexy look. Ryan said, “I don’t think I have that look.” Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! You suck, Ryan.

This week the “rockers” will be singing songs picked by the fans. That sounded like a good idea to me at first, but then I saw that all the songs the fans got to choose from were songs that have already been performed. So now I have to listen to another Nirvana song…AGAIN and another Live song…AGAIN. Tuesday sounds like it will be a show you can skip, but Wednesday, we are going to start losing singers who could actually win. It took us about 7 or 8 weeks, but RockStar should be getting interesting.

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