Friday, August 11, 2006

Too late for the "Bad Boss Contest"

I stumbled across this while nosing around Yahoo! and it turned out to be fairly entertaining, however I think I could have contended for the title.

The web site is and they were having a contest for the the best, or worst depending on how you look at it, story about a bad boss. Apparently, this web site is dedicated to the working class American. Very patriotic indeed, but the contest was pretty cool and the winner got a vacation trip out of the deal.

However, I think I could have contended for the title except for the fact that the public voted and the winner had a story about her dentist boss docking every employee's pay because all of the appointments cancelled on 9/11.

Since I probably shouldn't even tell my story I will anyway because it's classic and needs to be told.

Anyway, in the building where I work a new office was being constructed breaking up a huge room that was being used for storage. At the same time we were hiring a new employee who wasn't going to be able to access our rest room facilities because they are down a fairly large flight of stairs in the basement of the building.

This is an elderly woman who was hired and my "co-worker" thought he would go to our boss and see if we could put in a small restroom upstairs. This wasn't just for the new employee. Besides myself and my "co-worker" our 10 employee crew includes two 60 year-olds, four 70 year-olds and one 80 year-old.

So these stairs are definately a hazard to say the least and to top everything off, the founder of the company I work for was KILLED in a FALL down these STAIRS.

Needless to say, we felt that this was a no brainer. The guys were already there building an office and we could just have them do it.

So when our boss comes in one day my co-worker pops the question. He asked if we could build a restroom upstairs since our new employee was unable to access the restrooms and since they are dangerous with the elderly employees who have to use these stairs several times a day. He said that it would be terrible if one of them fell.

Without batting an eye our boss says, and I quote, "That's why we have insurance."

Tell me that's not a winner of a story for this little contest. It's child's play.

So it looks like Bratch will be taking a trip shortly after they revisit this little contest. And that's just one story I have, if they make it an annual event I'll be a world traveller in no time.


Piccu said...

I would think that with your bosses, you could win a weekly contest and have a new story to tell that happened THAT week.

By the by, how are those brand new computers working out for you?

Travis said...

"By the by, how are those brand new computers working out for you?"

I'm deducting one point from piccu for a low blow.

BRATCH said...

The story for this week is that my boss gave me a design project and wanted me to put together something new and great, but specifically told me over and over again to not put any time into it.

We also got an intern this week and my boss had to tell us to make sure we didn't have the intern do the receptionists' work. As if high school students ask their advisors if they can co-op out of their last class to get a taste of the wonderful and challenging world of being a receptionist.