Thursday, August 17, 2006

Troy Lee Gentry, successful singer and now Turd of the Week.

I think we have our first nomination for Turd of the Week here on IA, if we had such a contest. Well if we did, I would vote for this guy, Troy Lee Gentry. This is the Gentry of Bratch’s favorite musical act Montgomery-Gentry.

This dirtbag paid someone to kill a “trophy size” bear named “Cubby” at the Minnesota Wildlife Connection in Northern Minnesota. Now I have nothing against hunters or killing animals, witness my possum rant earlier this month, but this moron killed this bear in a sanctuary that advertises itself as a place to photograph animals in the wild.

If that isn’t scummy enough, this a-hole, Troy Lee Gentry, shot the bear with a bow and arrow while the bear was in its cage. What a douche. Then this idiot, Troy Lee Gentry, and the owner of the preserve tagged the bear and registered it as having been killed in the wild. If you click the link and check out Gentry’s picture, you can tell he is a slimy dirtball. I bet he bragged to all his friends about how he stared down the vicious bear and killed him before he was mauled to death. Real big man, Gentry, killing a bear inside his cage. I see how you are, Gentry, real big man. What a turd you are Troy Lee Gentry.

Troy Lee Gentry, IA nominee for Turd of the Week and the guy I hope gets mauled by a bear.


BRATCH said...

Now I have a reason to dislike both of them. I really only didn't like Montgomery of Montgomery-Gentry. With his 150 gallon hat and that stupid mic stand he twirls around like a majorette. But at least he's not rubbing out caged bears in a wildlife sanctuary.

What a tool.

BRATCH said...

Another thing, you know that you have to be a real turd to be Turd of the Week when they caught JonBenet's killer yesterday.

Orelinde_03 said...

Ewwww! If you're killing for survival, either your own life or for food then fine.

But to do what this asswipe did to Cubby just wasn't cool.

How would he like it if someone hunted him?

Travis said...

Orlinde, watch "The Running Man"

It feels like that.