Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Maurice Clarett, from the gridiron to the Iron Bar Hotel.

This has gone from bad to sad really quick. Maurice Clarett was pulled over last night in Columbus after a high speed chase. When cops pulled Clarett over they had to Tazer him but that didn’t work because he had a bullet proof vest on, so they maced him and got him under control enough to cuff him and stuff him, although officers said he was still kicking at the doors of the paddy wagon. They then found four guns and a hatchet in his SUV. There was also a half full bottle of vodka in the passenger seat.

This is sad and scary. It’s sad because this was a guy that was on top of the world. He was getting all kinds of gifts from boosters, he just won a national championship and he probably owned The Ohio State University. He then got greedy and started listening to the wrong people and tried to beat the NFL in court, which was very stupid and then when he was drafted, he didn't put in the effort to stay on an NFL team and was cut. He then stepped it up a notch and tried to rob someone in his hometown without a mask or anything to disguise himself.

The guy is obviously screwed up and has screwed himself of any chance at bigtime football. It’s hard to play pro ball if you star for the Ohio State Penal League. He had a chance to make his life and his family’s life better and when that looked impossible, instead of working hard to make that dream come true, he decided to essentially give up and turn into a professional thug.

It’s scary because he was caught with a rifle and three handguns and a hatchet while wearing a bullet proof vest and having downed a half bottle of vodka. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the police stopped someone who was going to go on a rampage killing. All those guns and ammo, the vest, the vodka for courage and a hatchet to chop up...things? That may be a huge stretch, but he was definitely up to no good. If I were the residents of Columbus I would hope this guy spends a lot of time in jail so I don’t have to worry about him going nuts and taking someone out with him.

I hope that Clarett can get some professional help and if jail is what is needed, send him to jail. If it keeps him from hurting people or attempting to hurt people, then jail is fine with me. If he can’t function in a free society where there are laws and rules to live by, then he does not deserve to be free and should be sent to a place a whole lot worse than the real world. Maybe that will be the shock to the system he needs to realize that he has to quit being a thug and an idiot and start being an adult and taking responsibility for his actions.

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