Monday, August 21, 2006

Two heads are better than one, well, in some cases.

I saw this on Yahoo and a number of things came to mind. It seems that a man in New Delhi has two functioning penises, peni, penes. Not sure on the plural, but Yahoo used penes.

It is a rare medical condition called penile duplication or diphallus or as some would call it, the best medical condition in the world. He wants one of his peni, do not pardon the pun, whacked off so he can get married and have a normal sexual life.

If I were this guy, I would never leave the house, that was my first thought. My second thought was up to this point has he been leading an abnormal sexual life? Has he been using this condition to his advantage with multiple partners? Why isn’t he in the porn business? I can imagine some producers willing to pay big bucks to get him in a video or two.

A doctor said that someone with this condition having both peni function was unheard of, and this guy wants to cut one of the twins off. Shame on you, Mr. Multiple Penis.


Orelinde_03 said...

Ok, honey....from a guy's point of view I can understand the liking hte idea of having 2 penis's. However if I was EVER with someone who had two functioning ones....I'd be very frightened.

Perhaps intrigued after the initial shock wore off...but still a bit afraid none the less.

But just think how crowded and cramped he must feel if he's not going commando.

Travis said... you know about shrikage?

Seriously, I'm not going to comment on this one. There's nothing I can say that wouldn't be crude, rude, and/or socially unacceptable.

Orelinde_03 said...

Yes, shrinkage is a factor as well. But I still can't understand how comfortable it can be for him with two.

But this is a topic where both men and women will not see eye to eye.