Tuesday, September 05, 2006

RockStar pregame and Guitar Hero 2 news.

Here’s a quick preview of RockStar:SuperNova for tonight. The “rockers” will be playing an original song, as well as a cover song. They will be playing a mini-set and have the stage to themselves for both songs. This ought to be interesting.

I just watched the reality part of RockStar and it is always much better than the “live” shows, and this week the “rockers” were given a song that SuperNova had written. They had to supply the lyrics. Some were good, some were great and one just lost the competition because of it.

The “rockers” met with Gilby and they would work on their lyrics. I would bet that whoever gets to play with SuperNova on Wednesday’s show will be performing that song with their lyrics. Here is what happened. Storm was very good according to Gilby. He liked how professional she was. Magni’s lyrics weren’t that great and he didn’t have a title. Gilby came up with the title and actually said he was disappointed with Magni’s lyrics. Gilby really liked Udo’s(Lukas) lyrics, but he only had a verse and a chorus written. Gilby said he had to do more writing with Lukas than the others because of this. Gilby may have liked Toby’s lyrics the best. Gilby thought Toby’s was the most complete. He had nothing but good things to say about Toby.

Dilana may be in big trouble this week if this is aired on Tuesday night’s show, for two reasons. Dilana’s song was, in her words, a big f*^# you to the fans. What?!? I love Dilana, but she is going nuts. This will cause her to finish in the bottom three this week.

In other bad news, Gilby thinks Dilana’s writing is very cliché. She just does not do it for the band when it comes to writing. “It doesn’t seem like she has a big imagination,” said Gilby. Uh-oh. Dilana said she didn’t think songwriting was going to be a big issue. HUH!?! She said she just got into this to become a “singer.” Gilby is not down with that saying, “If you are not bringing anything, then what the hell do I need you for.” I think Dilana is done. This is why the band will not be picking her. She just ended her run. Has anyone in reality TV history had such a big lead and then in the last 2 to three weeks shot themselves in the a** and blew an easy win?

In other news, according to Michael Butler on The Rock’N’Roll Geek Show, Paul Stanley of Kiss is rumored to be using the House Band from RockStar on his upcoming solo tour. Butler begged and pleaded with Paul to not do this because he doesn’t think they are that great musically. I agree somewhat, but most of the time they are very good considering how little time they probably have to work with. Also in bad, bad news for RockStar fans, Butler also said that this is the last one because no one is watching. I hope this is not true because this is train wreck TV at its best. Maybe we here at IA can start an online campaign to bring it back next summer.

On to Guitar Hero, I know some of you may be tired of hearing Bratch and I go on about this game, but you really must play it before you poo-poo us. We have now gotten another person hooked on it because we played the game from 5 PM to 2:30 AM on Sunday. We also had a cousin that stole his brother-in-law’s PS2 and then bought the game and he and his family have been playing it like mad. I have never been more proud of my cousin’s 7 year old daughter when she told me, “I didn’t make it through Sharp Dressed Man, but I played You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.”

I know this is getting long, but I found out a release date for Guitar Hero 2. It appears that I will be traveling to O’Boro on November the 7th to purchase this highly anticipated game. You can preorder on Amazon.com right now, but I am not sure I would trust the mail to get it to me on release day. I think I know what we will be doing after we polish off some turkey on Thanksgiving.

I just heard about some more songs for Guitar Hero 2 in addition to Sweet Child O' Mine and Freebird. We will have Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box, The Police's Message in a Bottle, Alice in Chains' Them Bones, Heart's Crazy on You, Cheap Trick's Surrender, Misirlou by Dick Dale(the Pulp Fiction song) and about 30 others we are not privy to yet. I am not sure how I feel about some of these, but I love Cheap Trick and Heart. I would rather have Man in the Box instead of Them Bones and Smells Like Teen Spirit instead of Heart Shaped Box, but all in all, I am still super psyched to play this game.

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Travis said...

RSSN Opinion:

Dilana was solid vocally, but her songwriting is just not good. In fact, none of the "rockers" songs impressed me. But I have to give a lot of credit to her for her version of Behind Blue Eyes. A GREAT classic Who song. She nailed it. Great vocals on that track.

I thought Magni was just alright. He didn't impress on Back in the USSR, but did pretty well with his original. I thought he took a step back last night.

Lukas I loathe. He's to me what Ryan was to piccu. Does he intentionally put that Stevie Nicks-esque vibrato in his voice? He sounds like an angry goat and looks like a gender bending leprochaun. His song was not good. And his version of Living on a Prayer was somehow worse.

I am convinced the band thinks Storm is hot. That's the only rationale. They loved her original (or at least Dave "No Buttons" Navarro loved it) but I thought it was terrible. I kept waiting for Fred Durst to have a part in it.

Toby's original was my favorite. It was almost cliche' Australian, but it was catchy and solid. Mr. Brightside was pretty good, but not great. Look out for Toby. He's a good looking guy and he's getting better vocally.