Thursday, September 28, 2006

Did He or Didn't He? (and the Etheridge Faux Pas)

The world may never know exactly what happened with Terrell Owens Tuesday night. The first statements were that he was taken to the hospital with an allergic reaction to generic Vicodin. Then reports surfaced that he attempted suicide by means of a drug overdose (supported by the police report.) Then he flatly denied the overdose story and said he never attempted suicide. A new police report supported him.

So what happened? Did he attempt suicide then put his P.R. machine into high gear to cover it all up out of embarrassment? Or was it simply a goof up?

I have a little bit of the Piccu Conspiracy Bug in me. I think T.O.’s brash personality is a product of an individual who maybe doesn’t have high self esteem. Instead he’s developed this persona as a type of coping mechanism for dealing with the fact that he maybe doesn’t really like himself. And that persona could exacerbate that feeling since no one really likes T.O. except for former(?) crackhead Michael Irvin.

Like I said, we’ll probably never really know what exactly happened. People seem to be readily accepting all that T.O. and his publicists are saying about the incident. To me, that’s being awfully generous.

Before I close this post, let me address T.O.’s publicist Kim Etheridge who will win Mike and Mike’s Just Shut-Up award next week in a decisive landslide. Why? Because Etheridge said T.O. had 25 million reasons to be happy. Obviously referring to Owens’ large contract. Guess what Kim. Money doesn’t equal happiness. Most of us learned that before we entered kindergarten you putz. I don’t think I’ve ever been so incensed by such a moronic statement.


Piccu said...

I didn't hear Mike & Mike on T. O.'s publicist, but Colin Cowherd went nuts on her. He kept calling her a hoochie mama. He couldn't believe that a person whose job is to be a public speaker would be sitting up there at the press conference smacking on gum.

Another thing Cowherd brought up was the fact that T.O.'s publicist doesn't have a very good grasp of the English language. In addition to telling everyone that rich people are never unhappy and never attempt suicide, she said that "a man of his STATUE" would never do something like this. One caller on The Herd said he thought that he had been using the word statute wrong all these years because this is a professional speaker who should know what she is saying. I think T.O. has a problem hiring people. Or maybe that is his scheme, he hires people who can make themselves look like bigger jackasses than he does. Look at Drew Rosenhaus, there was no bigger jackass than this guy during T.O.'s battles with the Eagles.

I don't think T.O. tried to kill himself. I think things got blown way out of proportion and just like the media does, they ran with it. I would not be surprised if this was a cry for help or better put, a cry for attention. T.O. has to always have something going on. Would he actually do something like this just to get his name in the papers? The question should be, "What wouldn't he do to get his name in the papers?"

Orelinde_03 said...

I have a feeling he did attempt to off himself and it went awry. Nothing worse than trying ot kill yourself and not even being able to succeed.

He probably then went ont he record saying he did not try to off himself to save face. No one wants to respect a 'wussy athlete'. Right?