Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Taco Bell's service equals broken sunglasses...

I can't believe I broke my sunglasses yesterday. Piccu and I decided to make a run for the border and hit some Taco Bell yesterday evening and had some problems with the service.

So we ordered simple things. A couple of enchiritos, which we had never had before and sucked, and a spicy chicken burrito and grilled stuft burrito. Simple enough, but when the girl attempted to hand me my drink that I didn't order since we were taking it home, I knew there could be trouble.

As we pull away from the drive-thru I had Piccu check the bag and of course we only had the enchiritos and nothing else.

I pulled around front and took the receipt and food in to tell them we needed the rest of our order.

OK, so I have my sunglasses on and for those of you who don't know, they are gigantic gunmetal framed black aviators. They are so obnoxiously large and so old school goofy that they are almost embarrassing to wear. I got Piccu a silver pair with mirrored lenses for Christmas and they are even more ridiculous than mine, but in a good way.

Since I was technically going to complain, I didn't want to look like a complete a-hole and do it with those obnoxious glasses on so I slipped them off and hung them in my shorts pocket by one of the arms. That way they are safe and not getting scratched.

After they gave me my burritos, in separate bags, I had four items in three bags so my hands were somewhat full and I didn't get any free junk for having to come back in so I wasn't thinking about my sunglasses as I jumped back into the truck. Then I thought, "What was that noise?" And it was my sunglasses being smashed into the center console of my truck literally snapping off one of the metal arms. I was actually kind of disappointed even more to see that they didn't bend at all. Just snapped right off.

So last night I had to find some new glasses and I scoured the net for several hours and thought I had some nailed down, but after further research realized that I couldn't spend 50 bucks on a pair of sunglasses without trying them on. I was really looking for some huge black with black lenses sunglasses but they just don't make them large enough for my taste unless they are made for women and I'm not pulling a George Costanza on that.

I was really close to getting some Super Duper Flys from Black Flys, but like $50 for a pair of black plastic sunglasses is a bit much and I'm not exactly sure how large they are. I've got a huge skull anyway so they need to be pretty big. But I've found that Urban Specs has a nice range of glasses at reasonable prices for sure, so I chose their Pro Aviators which are a little more modern version of what I had before.

I'm still paying $25 for these since shipping is like nine bucks, but I'm not sure that I can pay 50 or 60 bucks for internet sunglasses without trying them on or at least seeing them on a picture of a person. Gotta have something to show me some scale.

Anyway, I had to order something because I bought a cheapo pair at a convenient store and they are too crappy.


Travis said...

can you not order a replacement arm for the glasses you have?

BRATCH said...

You don't fix cheap sunglasses. You replace them and, like Kramer, sometimes you have to change things up a bit.

You really don't fix cheap aviators because you can sometimes pick them up in 3-packs. I like them because they were big, but the shape needs tweaking to be my favs. I might be onto something with my new ones.