Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SuperNova gains a lead singer, but loses a band name.

Well, it is a good news, bad news situation for the boys in SuperNova. The bad news is that they have to change their name because a judge has ruled that they cannot use the name SuperNova. A punk band, which 13 people have heard of, has the legal rights to the name. The good news is that they have to change their name. I was never really sold on the name SuperNova in the first place. It kind of sounds like the name a kid in junior high fantasizes about calling his band when he “makes” it. It sounds like a name Dilana would come up with because according to Gilby she lacks no imagination.

What can the now call their band? Maybe we can help. I have a few suggestions and T-Lee and the boys are more than welcome to steal them.

1. Check, Please!
2. Magni Haters
3. Oh Snap!
4. Boneblack
5. The Buttonless Shirts
6. Big Mistake
7. Gone Tomorrow
8. The Schlongs
9. The Pervs
10. The Metal Rose Crew
11. The Tommy Hawks
12. The Bores
13. The Irrelevants
14. The Steve Irwin Project
15. Sh*t Sandwich

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