Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Puzzle time on IA starring Dark M&Ms and "dark" movies.

After not having anything to write about for what seems like a week, I have recently been inspired. I ran across this on the great blog called Pop Candy on the USA Today website. It is a puzzle that is advertising the dark chocolate M&Ms. It contains clues to 50 “dark” movies. You click on a clue on the picture and type in what you think the movie is. If it is right, the box will turn green and if incorrect, it will turn red. This puzzle is much like the rock ‘n’ roll puzzle that we kind of got hooked on about a year ago.

The meaning behind dark movies as I take it is horror movies. Although, there is at least one Hitchcock thriller on the puzzle. I thought that after the fun we had with the rock ‘n’ roll puzzle that this may interest some of you. I have just spent about 6 minutes on it and got 16 or 17 right. You can save your game and come back to finish it later on, which is cool. Perhaps we could keep each other updated and maybe complete all 50 movie titles.


Travis said...

So as not to spoil anyone's fun, I'll tell you the 9 I can't get.

1. the mountain top
2. the guy with the telescope
3. the two guys on the stairs
4. the green mnm
5. the bottom of the stairs
6. the woman with the two children
7. the guy with the lantern
8. the cave
9. the grim reaper in the circular fence

Piccu said...

The guy with the telescope is Rear Window. As for the others, I have no idea. I thought the cave was The Cave and I thought the green M&M was The Descent. Neither are correct.

Piccu said...

I have 35 out of 50. The green M&M is a David Lynch movie I just figured out. The guy with the lantern is a Stanley Kubrick movie. The others I do not know.