Friday, September 15, 2006

Setting up Movie Mayhem part II

1. Plans/food-- Friday eat out, Saturday morning IHOP or eat there what ever the fancy (several people will be around so I am sure there will be multiple options), Saturday evening cookout.

2. Arrivals/departures-- You can come anytime of the day you want. If you should beat us there by a short time then a key will be waiting. Leaving on Sunday morning; we will be there and you can leave whatever time we'll likely have food for breakfast.

3. Kev and Sus-- spoke w/ them and will do so again

4. Movies-- most watching Friday w/ a couple on Saturday; I like some of the suggestions but I feel like we need one classic for Friday (Friday 13th, Halloween 2, Nightmare on Elm Street). I have the orginial Omen if we want to watch it.

As it stands here are the suggestions:
1. Dog Soldiers
2. High Tension
3. The Uninvited
4. Young Frankenstein

I think the oldies would be good, but i am afraid that only Piccu and I would really like them. I suggest we realistically shoot for 4 on Friday and 2 on Saturday with a few back ups if the party really gets started.


BRATCH said...

As far as movies go, I would appreciate a DVD-only night. Not a deal breaker, but let's get the best quality picture we can since the movies are generally horrendous and we aren't even watching on a big screen.

Dog Soldiers and High Tension are a must and I think Young Frankenstein would be a good opening act.

Piccu said...

The Uninvited is not on DVD and I can only find it used on video, so it looks like that one is out. I have no problems with anything you posted. Maybe I will try to rent four or five here and have JoJo do his thing and make us some copies. That way we will have a big selection to choose from and not have to worry about not watching them because we will always have them.

If you want super old school, if The Uninvited is out, I recommend The Bride of Frankenstein. Also, that movie goes along very well with Young Frankenstein.

Orelinde_03 said...

I will check around and see if I can locate 'The Uninvited' anywhere on dvd. That was an AWESOME movie.

Also, if you want something with a creep factor...there was a movie called 'Charlie' which to this day just creeps me out.

You've also classics such as:
'The Fly', 'Creature From The Black Lagoon', 'CreepShow' and 'Salem's Lot'.