Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Worst Album Covers of All Time

This should provide a little levity to the overly heavy IA today. This is a list of the worst album covers ever, and they are hilarious. Enjoy Affecters.


Piccu said...

Man, those are some pitiful covers. I can't imagine anyone thinking number 1 and number 5 would be a good concept for an album cover. That is so bad I want to cry now. I would rather talk about politics and 9/11 than see any more bad album covers.

Piccu said...
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BRATCH said...

You can't count a lot of those gospel album covers. They don't know any better.

Devastatin' Dave is my favorite.

By the way, do you know how I know you're gay?


You were on the cover of the Orleans album Waking and Dreaming.

Piccu said...


Travis said...

Devastatin' Dave is great because of the title, "Zip, Zap, Rap!" That's hard core.

Orleans is probably the most homoerotic cover in history. Liberace thinks those guys are fruits.

Tino is pretty doggone gay too. That one not only says, "I'm gay." It says, "I'm the gay pedophile bait used on Dateline busts."

No one said anything about Millie Jackson. The crystal ball positioned just pefectly to show her cleavage. Boy that's hot.

The gospel albums are bad, but I can dismiss them.

BRATCH said...

The Millie Jackson one is kind of par for the course in those days. It actually looks like something Rick James would have produced. Except I'm sure Millie's music sucks and Rick James was a musical genius.

What makes Millie's cover horrible is that she looks like Patrick Ewing in drag and is quite frightening especially with the album name.

Piccu said...

I am very concerned about what is going on with the older lady's hair on the cover of The McKeithens. It looks like it is some sort of woodland creature. It may be the prototype for the women's toupee. It could very well be a giant wolf spider. It has legs dangling from it. It is sucking her brain out. It disgusts me.

Joyce is rocking the afro and I bet her music sounds like soggy bread. She looks like a hellcat. Mr. Joyce is a lucky man.

On the Orleans cover you can see that the guy in front is not totally sold on the concept. He is turned away from the camera with his eyes closed. He posture seems to be saying, "Guys, I have just realized that this idea does not seem quite cool as it did when we came up with it in the steam room."

Millie actually looks like Biz Markie's little sister, not Patrick Ewing. How dare you insult Ewing like that.