Thursday, September 14, 2006

With SuperNova's choice of lead singer, they can change their name to SuperSucksters.

I really can’t believe what I saw last night. First off, I knew Magni was toast. T-Lee, for some insane reason, hated him. Well, maybe he didn’t hate him, but he hated his performance style because he never seemed to have a good word for Magni. But when they sent Toby home instead of Pukas or Dilana, that actually shocked me a little bit. Toby had a hit song waiting for The Schlongs that was better than any of the other songs they had written. But, BUT, we still had Dilana, who I thought had no chance a week ago. Now I was thinking they are going to take her, they have to. She has the best voice by far of anyone who was in this thing. For exactly the same reasons Travis has already laid out.

Wrong! Wrong! They get rid of Dilana and take the one who received the most votes, Pukas. First off, how the f*^# do we know he got the most votes? I would assume that Dilana did because she wasn’t in the running for bottom two. When Magni was the only one to not stand a few weeks ago, Brooke pointed out that Magni was winning the show at the point. I would think the same could be said for Dilana. Apparently not.

Another thing is that I posted a piece a few weeks back that concerned a gossip site that said that Pukas had been picked as the winner weeks ago. The same site also said that he and the band had already taken publicity photos. I love a good conspiracy, and I really have no proof this was or wasn’t the case. It seemed like T-Lee and Gilby loved Pukas from the start. I am sure it takes time to record and rehearse and get to know each other before you head out on a massive world tour. Had Pukas been disappearing mysteriously throughout the last few weeks? Was he already practicing with the band?

I wonder if the other "rockers" knew about the rumors. It didn’t look like Dilana knew, she looked shocked. Or maybe she was shocked because she had heard about the rumors and was told they were not true and at that moment the look on her face conveyed a realization that she had been played. Who knows for sure.

I think this is a mistake for the band, for the most important reason that Pukas doesn’t sing in English. He sings in badger and only .1% of the world’s population can understand him. I swear, he sang a verse in the second song last night and I could not pick out one word I understood. I actually had interest in The Schlongs album, that is if they picked Magni, Toby, or Dilana. I’m like Travis now, I don’t think I will be buying this thing and I definitely won’t be going to see their show, not as long as Udo is the lead singer. For those of you who are going to buy the new cd, you better pray they have the lyrics in the cd booklet; otherwise you will need to capture a badger and learn a new language.

One person I know who will be buying The Schlongs(in case you haven’t figured it out, I think this should be their new band name) new cd and that is Bratch. It seems that he has been a closet Pukas fan all season long. He was so happy that Pukas won over Dilana. But he hates women and he thinks they should not have the right to vote or own property. That may explain why he was so overjoyed that Pukas won the competition. He sucks as bad as Pukas.


Travis said...

I nearly spit my lunch on the monitor at the "capture a badger and learn the language" bit.

Now that I've regained my composure, all I can say is...I don't really know what to say.

Piccu said...

Badgers!?! We don't need no stinking badgers.

BRATCH said...

I didn't want either one of them to win and I know for a fact that I wasn't going to buy the CD anyway.

I also didn't think that a woman would have been right for the band, but everyone here thought the same way, Piccu.

However, Dilana's attitude at the end really bothered me. She was winning and all she had to do was be gracious. Instead she went off the deep end and went nuts and fans turned on her.

Then for the last 4 weeks of shows she's been doing nothing but sucking up to "her" fans and after her Roxanne song she knew she had it won. So all I was looking for last night was seeing her crushed after they hinted and pressed and pushed that she had one and then jerked the rug out from under her.

I might have gone along with it but she supposedly had a torn calf muscle but went from crutches to stage diving in 10-14 days. So all she was doing for the last 2 weeks being a warrior for her fans. It was all a ploy and the band saw through it.

But it didn't make any difference because they made their pick weeks ago.

Piccu said...

I wasn't the only one who thought she could win. You are a raving maniac.

BRATCH said...

You may have thought she would win, but you did call into question whether or not a woman could in fact be chosen to lead this particular group.

We discussed it all season long.

Dilana was the people's favorite pretty much all season, but the band still had a say in it.

I thought she was going to win simply because I didn't think they had the cajones to go against the public who was so for her winning until she went psycho and mixed in a terrible performance to boot.

She redeemed herself and turned her life around (tear, sniff, sniff) after her trials and tribulations. She just couldn't face the stark reality that she was singing in front of millions of people on a bi-weekly basis and living in a mansion, being a TV rockstar and hanging out with millionaire muscians.

That had to be rough, it would have killed 10 ordinary men.

She got beat because they decided on Lukas weeks ago and without showing the voting percentages for even a bit shred of proof that they were actually counting votes it was all a travishamockery of bad television.

They probably edited the shows just to lead us to believe they were actually making a tough decision.