Monday, September 18, 2006

Piccu's Fall TV Preview, Crap I Want to Watch: Monday Edition.

Tonight begins a full scale rollout of new and returning TV shows this fall and there really isn’t anything that great coming on Monday nights. I will be watching Prison Break, but the good thing about Prison Break is that it always seems to go by fast, especially if you DVR it. Another good thing about Prison Break is that you can skip chunks of it and still have no problem following it. The whole storyline involving the prison doctor and the guy trailing/stalking her, I just skip through those scenes. I love prison movies and especially prison break movies, so this so was something that I would check out and surprisingly it has gotten better since they have broken out and added William Fichtner to the cast. If you like cons on the run check it out, but I do not make this a must see.

We also have the return of CSI: Miami, which for some reason I really love. David Caruso is such a bad actor that he is great. He never looks anyone in the eye when he talks to them, he seems to say the same lines every week, and he always just kind of pops up out of nowhere during a scene. Another I don’t think is a must see and I actually think of this as a guilty pleasure.

The new show I am interested in tonight is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It is the first of two fake shows about Saturday Night Live. This one is an hour long and probably will be listed as a dramedy. Aaron Sorkin, former crackhead and creator of The West Wing, brings us another talky show, but this time it is a show about a show. Actually, I heard it is more about the backstage scene than the show itself. I am interested to see if I can watch this show and not think of Chandler from Friends whenever Matthew Perry is on screen. I am not sure that is possible, especially considering I couldn’t keep from thinking Chandler during The Whole Nine Yards.

So, I will be DVRing Prison Break and CSI: Miami tonight and videotaping Studio 60. I hate videotaping, so Studio 60 needs to show something in a hurry. I may DVR Vanished at 8 CST, but I have missed 2 of the first 4 and I am not that interested in any of it. I hate all the actors in the show and it just bores me.

Next week, we get the premiere of the NBC show, Heroes. I am definitely fired up about that because it focuses on a group of people that somehow acquire different kinds of “super” powers. Sounds comic-y and X-Men-y and I am a geek so I will definitely be checking that out. That means bye-bye Vanished. I predict Vanished will vanish from our TV screens before season’s end, if not year’s end.

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