Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RockStar:SuperNova FINAL Analysis

This is the last RockStar:SuperNova analysis and Brooke Burke said it best, “It is incredible to think that one of these four will win.” I am not exactly sure how she meant that, I probably understood it differently than she meant.

To start off the last show, America had a chance to vote someone back for an encore and I’ll be damned if America didn’t bring back “The Suck Horse.” I immediately threw up a little bit in my mouth. He still sucks. I thought I was finished with him and his goofy armband, his girlie screams, his fake intensity, and his “Blue Steel” of looks, “P!$$ed Off.” I have a feeling we won’t have to worry about him after this performance, except for those who will more than likely see him live with The House Band on the SuperNova Tour. I hope that weasel doesn’t come anywhere near Kentucky.

Now on with the real show, Toby is up first and he sings Karma Police by Radiohead. This is not a great song for Toby. Toby needs up-tempo rockers to really show off his stuff. He is great at getting the crowd whipped into frenzy and this song does not do that. He then brings out Magni on guitar and performs his hey, hey, ho song and this is a crowd pleaser. He is his best with this type of music. He and Magni should form a family band, they work well together. He did a great job.

Now we have Udo(Lukas) with a Coldplay song. Does Coldplay sponsor this competition? There is a Coldplay song on here every week. It must be wuss night on RockStar because all the covers are weak. This may have been his best cover because with the background singing, I can understand the words. He needs more eye makeup, though. And there’s Paula Abdul, a traitor to her own silly singing competition. Now Udo(Lukas) is doing his Headspin song again. What? But this time it’s “stripped down.” Whenever I hear the words “stripped down,” I think simultaneously, “sucked up.” His vocal style can be summed up with one word, grunty. He doesn’t sing, he grunts and growls, that’s fine for a band like Cannibal Corpse, but for SuperNova? I have heard this goofy song 3 times now and I can’t tell if it is a tribute to his mother or a slam. Why are the guys in SuperNova and Dave so fascinated with Lukas?

Now we have Dilana, who looks to be totally recovered from her “torn” calf muscle. Hallelujah!! It’s a miracle. Oh, no. She is not going to sing Roxanne, is she? My favorite Police song? Please say it ain’t so. That is what I thought when I first heard she was singing this. I have to say, I love her version. She sang beautifully and utilized the boys perfectly as HER background singers. Surprisingly good, definitely the best cover of the night. Her original is alright, but not a blow you away great like Toby’s. This was her best in the last 3 or 4 weeks, easily.

Lastly we have Magni and he performs Hush by Deep Purple. You can’t go wrong with the Purp, especially Bratch’s favorite Purple song. I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. Magni did fine, but the House Band disappointed me on this song. It was the second best cover of the night though. Now we have his original song. Did he just forget the title to his OWN song? It is fine, but not great. Once again, T-Lee slams Magni. He really hates Magni. Every week he has something to pick at when it comes to Magni while he is ready to bow down to Lukas. I would not want T-Lee to pick the lead singer for my band. Magni is in big, big trouble.

Now we are down to the last night, America will vote for a bottom two, then they will play and one will get the boot. How they will whittle down the remaining three, I do not know. I ranked all the performances last night according to how I felt. Dilana had the best cover and second best original, Toby had the third best cover and the best original, Magni had the second best cover and the third best original, and Udo(Lukas) is bringing up the rear with the worst of both the covers and the originals.

I think that Lukas and Magni will be in the bottom three and we all know they love Lukas. Magni will be the first out, very undeservingly, especially over Lukas. I have to tell you, I think Dilana redeemed herself and should win this thing. Whatever you think about her little “episode” a few weeks ago, she has the most unique (and still be listenable) voice of any of them. Unfortunately Gilby will veto her because she can’t write. So I expect Toby to be the one to be picked. He makes the most sense. He is a good singer, a great entertainer and Gilby said he was a great writer. In fact, SuperNova could have a hit with his original song. I am just worried that Lukas is a practitioner of the black arts and has SuperNova under a spell. We can only hope that Toby is able to break this unholy hold Lukas has over the band. Congratulations Toby, you are now a member of SuperNova. Man, I am so not gonna/gonna miss this show.


BRATCH said...

Toby is definitely going to be the winner simply because he's the only one that all three members of Supernova don't really have a problem with.

Tommy Lee hates Magni probably more than anyone else in the world, Ron.

Jason Newsted hates the way Lukas sings because most of the time he sings like he's trying to hide the fact that his hand is stuck in a waffle iron.

Then Gilby Clark thinks that Dilana is a horrible songwriter and she's a psycho hose beast with Wolverine-like healing powers. Oh yeah, and if she's such a great singer, how comes she's a girl?

Toby is the default winner, but he should pretty much be the winner anyway. He and Magni are out there to have fun and the rest were there to overcome the tragic cards that life has dealt them to be a rock star for 90 days.

Travis said...

I think Lukas may be the worst singer this side of Geddy Lee. They (along with 80s pop singer, Sade) are in a category of singers that make me want to throw up. I don't mean that hyperbolically, they honestly make me sick to listen to them. Lukas's original sounded better stripped down because I could actually hear the words and he actually finished all of the words. But it still doesn't make much sense. When singing his cover his body was overtaken by the spirit of Mick Jagger. Only, wait a minute, you are no Mick Jagger.

Magni is in trouble because Tommy Lee is the misfit of this band. No matter who they pick for a singer, TLee will be the one that doesn't fit in. But it's a shame Magni isn't getting a fair shake from Lee. I thought he was pretty good last night. The DP song was pretty good because its a classic and he managed to sound modern with it. Even if he didn't get all the lyrics dead on. His original may sound mainstream enough to be "forgettable" but its still good.

Toby is the best showman of the bunch. And he's one of the top two singers. He'll win and I have no problem with that. I'm just not 100% sold on his voice in front of these musicians. I think Magni fits their sound better, but we've covered that base. I agree by the way that Toby's song could be Supernova's first single.

Dilana was the best performer last night in my opinion. She's growing on me. Or my defensese have been knocked down by piccu's obsessing over her. Roxeanne was the best cover of the night. And that's surprising as it was by far the most difficult song vocally. Her original doesn't light any fires, but its ok.

Toby, congrats.
Dilana, too bad you're crazy and can't write..
Magni, you got hosed my boy.
Lukas, you and Ryan can start a band.

Piccu said...

I thought that Toby was the best of the "rockers" that performed with SuperNova. I do agree somewhat that when it comes to T-Lee's super sensitive piano ballads, Toby may not be great, but Lukas would be horrible. I hope that Magni is able to make it because he is a good performer and seems like a really good and genuine guy.

I hope Dilana hasn't scared away record execs and is able to get a deal for herself. I can see myself buying a rock album of hers.

And who knows, perhaps someone who wasn't picked by SuperNova will be bigger than the one picked. As long as it isn't "The Suck Horse."