Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm sure piccu will have plenty to say on the surprise ending of Rockstar:ArtistsFormerlyKnownAsSupernova, but I just have to say a couple things.

You've got three good rockers to choose from. The hot Dilana with a gravel filled voice that has the ability to be soulful and powerful (Roxanne) and still can get soft and sexy (Behind Blue Eyes.) But you don't choose her.

You've got a guy with an obvious appreciation and love for classic rock with a great modern look and sound in Magni. Sure, he's Icelandic, but he's rocking. But you don't choose him.

You've got the young Aussi Toby, who's energy ignites the crowd everytime he performs. He got better every week and had as good an upper register as I've heard in a while in rock n' roll. And the single he wrote would be top 20 today. But you don't choose him.

No, you chose Lukas Rossi. The guy everyone in America wondered what you saw in. The guy who constantly endured Jason's criticism for his singing style. The guy who looks like the spirit of Mick Jagger took over Lucky the Leprachaun. The guy who doesn't bother to pronounce entire words. The guy who's original was either a tribute or a fiery dart for his mother. No one is quite sure. That's your boy.

Let's face it, I wasn't going to see their concert or buy their album anyway, but now I'll be joined my millions of others who won't touch this band. Good eye fellas.

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Orelinde_03 said...

If The Panic Channel and Dilana were not going to be touring with whatever the name of this new band is...I'd have put my tickets up for sale on e-bay.

I think this band is going to be a one record wonder.

Bring back Milli Vanilli!