Wednesday, September 06, 2006

RockStar SuperNova Analysis

The end is near, and I believe I know who is going to win this thing. I have in depth analysis that is rock solid. That is unless someone c*#^s it up next week. This week we had a mini set from each of the “rockers” and some were hits and others were misses. Before we heard any singing, we saw footage of the “rockers” meeting with Gilby and writing together. I am surprised that Dave didn’t bring up the fact that Dilana said her lyrics to the new SuperNova song were a f*^# you to the fans. I figured they would have slammed her.

Dilana was first and apparently she has torn her calf muscle. How did we get here? It must have been during rehearsal when she broke into an inspired chicken dance. She begins her set with Behind Blue Eyes by the Who. I want to know how you can be 34 years old rock singer and have never seemed to have heard of a little band called The Who. She has never heard this song or Won’t Get Fooled Again? Maybe she just never got Who’s Next. Anyway, she did a great job, even changing her voice a bit. I thought she sounded completely different singing this song than any other she has sung before.

Then we have her original song called, Super Soul. It was alright, I don’t think it is a hit, but it was a nice song. At least her torn calf kept her from chicken dancing and her running tires dance. Her set was fine, but she no has no chance to win this thing. Gilby won’t have her because she can’t write or doesn’t want to write. Now she has an injury that could put a tour in jeopardy. Someone who had this locked up 3 weeks ago has no shot in hades to win now.

Magni was next and Magni was just being Magni. He sang Back in the USSR, which I am not sure is a good song for this competition. He did a good job. He looks like he belongs on stage. He then sang his original called When the Time Comes. I liked his original better than his cover song. It was fine, but not spectacular, which can be said about Magni as a whole. I think I am souring on him, even though he is good and seems like a great person. I just am not sure he can win this thing. For one thing, T-Lee hates him. Once again T-Lee finds something to pick at about Magni’s performance. Oh snap!!!

Now we have Storm singing Suffragette City and she does not do very well. To be fair, I think it is hard for anyone to sing a Bowie song because Bowie is so unique. Dave was great on guitar. Storm then sings her original called What the F*^# is Ladylike, while dressed like Kid Rock. She seems to have blown herself out during the cover song, she is struggling for air. I have to admit that out of all the originals, I liked her song the best. She could win this, she is a good showman, a good writer, and always puts forth the energy. Unfortunately, her crazy eyes and ability to turn rock ‘n’ roll into a Broadway show will keep her from winning. That and the fact that T-Lee will never respect her as an artist, only as a piece of a**.

Udo(Lukas) is up next with Bratch’s favorite song in the whole world, Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. He turned a classic rock song into a grunge song. I thought it was alright for what it was but not great. His original song called Head Spin was my least favorite of the night. I think his original song would have been better if someone else sang it. I think Lukas has a great shot to win. He has the look, he is a decent showman and when he actually sings, he sounds great. Newsted is the one who will keep him out if he doesn’t win. His songwriting wasn’t that great and his voice can be grating.

We now come to Toby who sings Mr. Brightside a song he does okay on, but I don’t think this is the kind of song he needs to sing. I am not sure anyone in the band but T-Lee even likes The Killers. Toby does much better with straight up rock songs, which is what his original song is. It is called Throw It Away. It was a really good song. He got the crowd into it and actually had them singing along to a song they had never heard. He writes great songs, he sounds great, he puts on a good show. This ladies and gentlemen is your winner, or should be. Unless Toby really messes something up, I think he will be chosen as the lead singer for SuperNova next week.

As for who is going this week, I think all will stand up except Toby. He was first after the first 4 minutes of voting and I think he has convinced America he deserves to win. I think the bottom three will be Dilana, Storm, and Lukas. I think Storm will go this week, but I would not be surprised to see Dilana go with the combo of bad song writing and her injury. Things are getting very interesting. Only one more week after tonight, what are we going to do with ourselves?


Travis said...

Copied in fear of being left out of the conversation.

RSSN Opinion:

Dilana was solid vocally, but her songwriting is just not good. In fact, none of the "rockers" songs impressed me. But I have to give a lot of credit to her for her version of Behind Blue Eyes. A GREAT classic Who song. She nailed it. Great vocals on that track.

I thought Magni was just alright. He didn't impress on Back in the USSR, but did pretty well with his original. I thought he took a step back last night.

Lukas I loathe. He's to me what Ryan was to piccu. Does he intentionally put that Stevie Nicks-esque vibrato in his voice? He sounds like an angry goat and looks like a gender bending leprochaun. His song was not good. And his version of Living on a Prayer was somehow worse.

I am convinced the band thinks Storm is hot. That's the only rationale. They loved her original (or at least Dave "No Buttons" Navarro loved it) but I thought it was terrible. I kept waiting for Fred Durst to have a part in it.

Toby's original was my favorite. It was almost cliche' Australian, but it was catchy and solid. Mr. Brightside was pretty good, but not great. Look out for Toby. He's a good looking guy and he's getting better vocally.

Piccu said...

I just read on Dave Navarro's blog that Supernova will be bringing the House Band on tour to open for them. It appears that the House Band will be playing with runners up from the show.

Dave also said that he would cut Magni tonight. I am not sure I don't disagree with that now that I think about it. Do they want to get rid of Storm and have 3 guys and one girl? I bet they will cut a guy to keep things even at 2 guys and 2 girls. I think this would be a case where the CBS producers would provide some input to the band.

In Pakistan's version of this show, they would just stone all the female contestants on the first show.

Travis said...

I wish like crazy they'd dump Lukas. He refuses to sing. All he knows is that vibrato growl that both I and Jason Newsted hate.

There's no way Lukas will win. As picc and bratch have pointed out, no one could listen to an entire album of that voice.

Ditto for Storm. I'm convinved if she wasn't stoking TLee's perverted fire, she'd be gone.

Magni didn't do himself any favors last night. I'm just not sure Magni can bring the energy night in and night out.

I guess Magni could go home tonight. But I really hate hearing Navarro's opinion. It's not his band. His input should mean about as much as mine. Which I've spent too much time espousing.

Orelinde_03 said...

Out of all the original's, I liked Dilana and Magni's the best. Storm's was just repetative...and Lukas's song I couldn't make heads or tails of. I do have to say that Toby did seem to have the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

I think that Gilby is done with Dilana. It appears to me that Gilby is 'all business'. If he thinks you can bring it, and make his group something then he's down with that. But he does not seem to tolorate ego's and antics, and between the melt-down week and Dilana's mediocre song writing, he is just DONE with her. It's THAT obvious. He likes Magni and Toby.

I still stick with the final 4 coming down to: Magni, Toby, Lukas & Dilana. However after last night, I DO THINK that Toby is going to be the winner. :o(

As for Dilana and her her getting out there and performing last night, as well as hopping proved she will not let anything deter her. She just has to move past her 'mishap' because they all put it behind them already.