Thursday, September 07, 2006

Audioslave's Revelations is their best yet.

Audioslave is back with their third album called Revelations and it is by far their best. On the past two Audioslave albums, it seemed like the focus was more on Chris Cornell than Rage Against the Machine. On Revelations, however, the focus is on the band as a whole. Tom Morello lives, in other words. Guitarist Tom Morello shows us some of his best work on this album without taking away from the powerful voice of Cornell. Some of the songs would have no problem being on a straight up Rage Against the Machine album, and that was what has been missing from Audioslave.

The first two albums were by a band that had not had time to gel and learn about each other's tendencies, whether in performing or writing. The first two albums had songs that were out of place next to the metal funk of most of Audioslave’s music. Now we have the music of a band that knows each other and what each other like. With the second best rhythm section in the business behind Tool’s, drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Tim Commeford hold things down as both Cornell and Morello showcase their instruments. There isn’t a song I do not like on this album and that has been something I couldn’t say about Audioslave's first two. The guitar is back with Audioslave, but for how long?

I believe that the band has said they will not tour with this album and Chris Cornell is recording a solo album. This is leading some to speculate that this will be the last Audioslave album we will receive. In fact, one of the song’s on the album is titled, “Nothing Left to Say but Goodbye.” On the other hand, Audioslave has a podcast out with the band talking about putting out an album or two a year, like bands in the 70’s used to do.

I hope this isn’t the last we hear from Audioslave because they seem to have hit on the perfect system after a few years of working the kinks out. If this is their last, however, they couldn’t have gone out in a better way.


Travis said...

All I've heard is Original Fire and that song is just awesome. But I've been a fan of all of Audioslave's stuff.

Piccu said...

You won't be disappointed with this cd. Original Fire is not even close to the best song on here. Morello's solos are awesome.