Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Piccu's Fall TV Preview, Crap I Want to Watch: Tuesday Edition.

Tuesday nights this fall season are without a doubt, the best nights on TV. In quality and quantity, even the new CW has good offerings on this night. This is why I need a DVR that can record two shows at once. Tuesdays screw my ability to watch everything, or at least everything I want to see.

At 7 CST we a little show called House that I love. House is the story of a doctor who is a pr*^#, but a brilliant pr*^#. He solves a case every show after many trials and errors. The same show every week, but it is so good. I have watched this show since the beginning and I am not giving up now. Also at this time is a new show by the name of Friday Night Lights. The show is based on the movie based on the book. We have all seen the movie and we know the story. This show is getting great buzz and I will check it out, but I will have to use a VCR so it better be good. We also have Dancing with the Stars (sucks), NCIS (don't care), and Gilmore Girls(will only watch if it helps Veronica Mars which airs after this show).

Now we move to the best hour on TV, the 8 CST hour. Starting Oct. 3, I will be DVRing the best show on TV and that is Veronica Mars on the new CW. I have praised this show many times and I never lied. It is smart, funny and unlike other shows, cough, LOST, cough, it wraps up it mysteries leaving you feeling satisfied after you watch a season. The CW has only ordered 13 episodes, but if Veronica does well in its post Gilmore time slot, we get a whole season. So watch this show! Unfortunately in the winter American Idol will probably knock House into this time slot and I will have to VCR House and totally drop another favorite of mine, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. This is my favorite of the Law & Orders and I will hate to give it up, but am not giving up Veronica or House. In fact, I would give up House or anything before Veronica. I'm telling you, watch this show.

Also at 8 CST we have The Unit which I watched a little of when it came on late last season, but the show is set up to watch the husbands go out and kick a** and then it shows the wives at home going about their day. It bored me. The new show I wanted to check out was the Knights of Prosperity, which used to be called Let's Rob Mick Jagger, a much better title. The title says it all and it stars Donal Logue who is quite funny, but it is on in the death hour, too many good shows to do well.

Thankfully at 9 CST we don't have such a bottle neck and there are only 2 shows that interest me. One I will definitely be watching is Law & Order: SVU. This show gets better and better every year and I see no other shows in this time slot that sounds like it will top it. The other show I have interest in and will be VCRing is Smith. Smith is a heist show, the 50th in the past year, and it has maybe the best cast on TV headed up by Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen. I have already heard bad buzz on this, but I will check out the first couple of shows.

I don't want to have to write another letter to America, so if you only take one thing away from this piece, let it be Veronica Mars on your local CW channel at 9/8 Central every Tuesday night after Gilmore Girls starting Oct. 3. Check it out for 3 or 4 episodes, I promise you will enjoy it.

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