Sunday, September 03, 2006

Scientists create really hairy mice, men rejoice...

The headline I saw was "Could baldness be a thing of the past?" And the actual headline of the story was "Scientists make baldness breakthrough."

However, what I read was "Scientists make freakishly hairy mutant mice."

Apparently, scientists have figured out what genetic "code" cells require in order to sprout a hair. So what they did was send out that code to more cells than usual in mice to create the hairiest mice we've ever seen. Unfortunately, they didn't have any pictures of the little buggers and that really disappointed me.

Knocking on wood, no one in my family is/was bald so the only thing I can hope for out of this deal is a picture of a super hairy mouse and I was denied. I'm thinking these things are going to be like poodles or something. So much hair that they just roll around instead of walk. They are their own hamster wheel. While it's not practical, it would be humorous.

However, it does make me wonder what kind of mutant mice scientists have created that we've never seen. You would think someone would have a web site about it.

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