Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Live at Winterland... I have it again.

Many moons ago I purchased a CD on clearance from a department store going under. I had never heard of the CD, but I knew I had to have it. That CD was Jimi Hendrix: Live at Winterland. Winterland as in San Fransico.

I bought the CD because it was like five bucks and it had a ton of his best songs on it, but more importantly it had a nearly seven minute version of my favority Jimi tune Hey Joe.

Somewhere along the way I misplaced this CD. I'll probably find it now that I've purchased it again, but it's gone.

I got back into Jimi after seeing him inducted into the UK Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame recently. So I thought I would hit Amazon.com and see if I could find cheap. It's an old CD so I figured it wouldn't be too much.

I ultimately ended up with a nice used copy for about $10 with shipping, but few of the copies were cheap. Some were original 1987 pressings still in the wrapper for $50.

Since this CD is out of print and I care more for the music than anything else, I figured that if I could get the cheapest one and get the songs into MP3 form on my computer I would be alright.

And I have. The CD is a little worn out with the top of it flaking away a bit, but still pretty sturdy. Piccu has recently found some of his old CDs disintegrating which is why he wants an iPod so he can start converting his entire CD collection into MP3 form and simply have an iPod.

Unfortunately for him, they don't make iPods that big since his CD collection grows by leaps and bounds annually. He couldn't even get "the high school years" on a single iPod.

I guess Apple needs to make an extreme iPod with 250 gigabyte hard drives for him. I'm not sure 250 gigs could handle his collection, but it would be interesting to find out. Maybe I'll get a 500 gig external drive and we'll start getting to work on saving the music and seeing if it will fit.

It'll take six months to do, but it might fit a 500 gig drive.

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