Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pakistan, today's worst country in the world.

I truly do not know how to begin this piece. Pakistan’s National Assembly is trying to change a rape law that was put in place by a dictator in the 1979. Unfortunately, there are 68 of the lawmakers who are going to walk out if any change is made. The Yahoo article claims that if these 68 men walk out it will throw an already shaky situation in Pakistan into chaos.

When I first saw this, I thought maybe it was a good law and the government was trying to make it harder to prove rape. I was wrong. The original law says that for a woman to prove she has been raped, she has to have testimony from four witnesses. Four witnesses? Good Lord and people think those of us who live in the South are backwards. Not only does the woman have to have four witnesses to prove she was raped, if she does not prove she was raped, she can then be prosecuted for adultery, which is punishable by death.

I don’t understand how societies like this can still be relatively functional in today’s world. How do men in these places find women who will bear their children? I am surprised there are not more women murdering men in places like this. Who could blame them really? I just do not know what else to say. It is ridiculous things like this that make you realize that no matter how messed up you think our government is, at least it isn’t Pakistan.

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Travis said...

People in these United States live in one of two extremes often. Either they believe every other country is relatively the same as ours and our society, or they think every other place in the world is better without the political bickering and things that go on here.

This story proves that neither extreme is true. In fact, it shows that while we complain about glass ceilings in corporate America and the continued existence of racism, we've got it pretty good here. Do we need to continue to excel and advance? Absolutely. But we're ahead of the curve, and thank God for it.

I'm with you picc. I don't know how mass rebellions don't erupt annually in societies like that.