Friday, September 08, 2006

Update on the two sisters found today...

A little new information on the death of two local sisters. Click here the story up to this point or just scroll down. Anyway, it turns out it wasn't the ex-husband who had his house burned to the ground it was a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend who was the last person to see them.

Having visited the site today I'm pretty torn on what may have happened. At first, I thought there was no way that foul play couldn't be involved, but having looked at the site, there is no way I can see that anyone could have "aided" the car in getting up over the embankment that runs along the side of the road. And it isn't 3-feet high, it's more like 4 or 5 and it runs the length of the strip pit that runs along the gravel haul road.

No one could have set that car up to go off in that strip pit. Because 1) it would require too much speed to drive this car up on the narrow embankment and stop it to then push it in without risking going over with it. When it got up on the embankment it scalped the top of it because it wasn't wide enough for the car to set on it's tires. It was scraping the undercarriage so even if someone could position it on the embankment, it could be difficult to push it in resting on the undercarriage.

And 2) if a truck or other vehicle was used to push the car in there would be easy evidence showing up on the ground. Also, most any vehicle used would have been pretty banged up on the front end no one would push it up and over at an angle. It would be a lot harder to do.

However, while I don't think there is foul play, I can't help but wonder how this car could have kept up the speed needed to negotiate the embankment. It somewhat edged up the front tire about 18-24 inches high on the bank for about 15 to 20 feet before making a hard turn toward the water and that could have really taken away a lot of momentum...

After reading that back I have theory.

When the car's passenger side tire(s) edged up on the bank that shifted the driver's weight toward the driver's side door. When your weight shifts like that, a natural instinct to "hang on" could make you turn the wheel say 90 degrees in the opposite direction to pull yourself back into a proper driving position. There has been speculation that they were drinking that night so that could be a factor in all of this. Carrying as much speed as they would have needed to get that car up there, that 15 to 20 feet that the tires rode along the bank before the car veered toward the water would have been a split second. Assuming the car still carried enough momentum to get up and over the bank after riding up on it a little bit.

And since there is a semi-soft left-hand turn in the road right before the spot where they hit the bank, if they were really speeding down the road they likely would have drifted toward the bank or risk spinning out on the gravel road. If they were drinking, one of the girls was a race fan and gravel roads are fun to play on sometimes and things could have just went bad.

I'm not ruling out foul play. An anonymous tip clued the cops to look at the strip pit that is a local swimming hole. That tells me that someone might have been talking about something they've done. However, an officer I talked to today said that he could see the shadow of the car in the water at 5:30 p.m. in the evening and since a lot of kids go out there someone may have just spotted it in the bright sunshine.

If foul play is ruled out, I'm thinking my little theory is the only way it could have happened, but we may never know. The sad part about this is that I don't think the family will accept anything other than murder. They already seem convinced of it.


Orelinde_03 said...

This is a HORRIBLE situation. May their family somehow find peace, and may these girls killer if there is one, be brought to justice.

Piccu said...

In the O'boro paper today, there was some info that made it seem like there was foul play involved. Apparently the family was told by the authorities that they have a suspect they are looking at. This leads me to believe that they are not necessarily looking at this as a "death" or accident.

Also, a family member said that one of the girl's spoke to her right before she left to go to the "store." The family member said the girl sounded odd and just told her she had to go and laid the phone down. A guy, who may or may not have been the bf/ex-bf, picked up the phone and said the two girls were going to to the store to get cigarettes and rolaids. That is weird enough, but the girl's left without purses and cellphones and I would assume they would have had money to buy said cigs and rolaids in their purses.

I agree with Bratch that this seems like a straight accident, if not drunken accident. It seems to complicated and complex for one guy to carry out, much less a redneck from C-Town. But the more evidence that seems to trickle in, the more it seems that something besides accident is the cause of this craziness.