Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Meet the new name, same as the old name. The band formerly known as SuperNova chooses a new name.

When I first heard that Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, and Jason Newsted were forming a new band and going on the RockStar show to find their lead singer, I thought, “This will last about 3 months.” When I heard the name of the band was called SuperNova, that didn’t change my mind one bit.

Then word came out that the name Supernova was taken and the original Supernova, a band who no one has heard of, was going to court to keep their name. In reality, they probably would have taken money for it, but CBS obviously did not give a crap and probably thought they could win the case. They didn’t and after selecting Udo(Lukas) Rossi as their new lead singer, I have given this group one album and one tour, then done. I can’t see this album selling a million copies and most of the people who buy a copy of it will be the same people who search for autopsy photos online.

Given all of that, I am now beginning to wonder if they can even get 1000 people at their shows. Why do I feel this way? I have just found out the new name for the band formerly known as SuperNova. The band’s new name is…RockStar:SuperNova. What? This can’t be serious. That is like Kelly Clarkson changing her name to Miss American Idol. That is like naming your band, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

These guys are artists (I use that term loosely). They create original (I also use this term loosely) compositions all the time. While they are not musical geniuses, you would think that between the three of them they could come up with a more creative name. I don’t think they gave The Schlongs serious enough consideration. If that were their name, I would go see them. It is genius, even if I was the one who came up with it.

Mark my words, this group will be disbanded by St. Patrick’s Day 2007. T-Lee will go back to his real job of being a celebrity. Gilby will disappear back into the rock music background. Jason will join six new bands to go along with the four or five bands he is in now. And poor Udo(Lukas) will end up back at Hooter’s manning the hot wings station. What a short strange trip it’s been.

As an added bonus, if you click the link, you can go to RockStar SuperNova's MySpace page and hear two brand new songs with Udo on lead vocals. Click if you dare!!!!


Orelinde_03 said...

Why? WHy would they go and do that? I guess it's like The Doors changing their name to the 21 Century Doors, to escape law suit but wanting to beknown as the name they had.

Still a doofy idea.

BRATCH said...

The good news is that they made Lukas actually pronounce the words his singing. So the songs are listenable.

I guess they were taking a shot in the dark by choosing Lukas and making him sing reasonably well instead of singing in Badger as Piccu called it.

Hopefully the english lyrics and enunciation sticks for Orelinde's concert.

Orelinde_03 said...

Thanks for your concern about my listening enjoyment. I must admit I was a bit rash in buying the tickets before they picked their 'fearless leader'.

All in all, I'm hoping and thinking it will be an enjoyable evening.

Has anyone caught Dilana on the Ellen show? She sang Roxanne, in an acustic version and still rocked the joint.