Thursday, September 21, 2006

Piccu's Fall TV Preview, Crap I Want to Watch: Thursday Edition.

Not too long ago Thursday nights was the night to watch TV in America, whether it is Must See TV and NBC’s sitcoms followed by ER or more recently CBS’s lineup up. Now, not so much. There aren’t many shows on Thursday that have me excited, except one.

The 7 CST hour has quite a few shows battling it out for ratings supremacy. The shows I will watch are Survivor: Race Wars on CBS and Earl and The Office on NBC. I will DVR Survivor and VCR Earl and The Office because that is the order of interest. I do hate to admit that Ugly Betty on ABC intrigues me as ABC begins their Thursday Night is for Women lineup with Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and Six Degrees. Unfortunately for Betty, she does not interest enough to drop Earl and The Office. Those two sitcoms, now that Arrested Development is gone, are the best sitcoms on TV and should not be missed. The rest of the 7:00 hour shows pretty much stink and do not deserve your viewership.

At 8 CST we have my must watch show of the night, the all new CW’s, Supernatural. I had heard good things about this show and I decided to watch the reruns this summer and I have become hooked. In fact I have just ordered the entire first season on DVD to catch the shows I might have missed. It is a show about demon killing, vampire killing, evil spirit killing and just plain killing. It is also the best creepy/weird show since the X-Files. I highly recommend that geeks of all kinds watch this show. This will be on my DVR all season.

I will be VCRing CSI: Original Recipe on CBS because this is still one of the best shows on TV and now we get an apparent illicit, undercover affair between Sara Sidle and Grim Grissom. Grey’s Anatomy on ABC has never interested me, probably because I do not have enough estrogen flowing through my body, so I could give two craps about Denny and Dr. McDreamy. The women folk can have it. And as far as Deal or No Deal on NBC goes, I say, “No deal!!!”

At 9 CST in the past I would watch one of two shows, ER on NBC or Without a Trace on CBS. In the last few years I stopped watching ER because everyone kept leaving and every episode was a special episode like you have never seen before. And after six in a row like that, you realize you have seen it all before. Now CBS moves Without a Trace on me and I have to try a show called Shark starring James Woods, who I generally dislike. There is no real reason I dislike James Woods, but there is something about him that really turns me off. But I hate ER and I am not going to watch Six Degrees on ABC, especially if Kevin Bacon isn’t in it, so Shark it is.

If you take nothing away from this installment of crap I like to watch, watch Supernatural at 8 CST on the CW. It is a creepy fun show that is unlike anything on TV right now. And with all the different shows that seem to be about the same thing, this is what everyone should be looking for.

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