Monday, September 25, 2006

Planning the podcast...

It seems like no one has been inspired to blog about anything recently so I thought I would give you a podcast update.

Piccu and I did a little planning for the podcast today and have talked about it a little over the weekend. I think we are nearing the day that I'll have to sign up with Podshow (i.e. free) and get our domain name (i.e. money). But the good news is that it doesn't cost too much. But I think I'm going to register a few that I have on my mind.

One has the .com and .org already taken. But the others are wide open. One of the possible names of the podcast is really funny and off the wall taken from an old time radio show from the 40's called Dangerous Assignment. The other is a little more obvious but one I think everyone will like and it will be a bit more appropriate.

The last website that I'm going to get a domain for is for our fictitious production company.

Of course, I can't exactly broadcast these domain name ideas to the world or someone else will snap them up and hold them for ransom. I won't really have time to sink my teeth into getting everything set up until Wednesday afternoon anyway. And then I have to figure out a way to record Travis on the radio so he can get a radio gig in his own zip code. I don't really blame him since it looks like our high school football team is heading down the familiar road of suckiness making our broadcasts seem like they are about as enjoyable as surgery. Although we did have a blast on Friday since it was a good game even though we lost.

I have all the equipment I need for the podcast with the exception of a few odds and ends, but we have plenty enough stuff to make this bird fly.

And before you know it we'll be plotting our world domination for everyone to hear...

Or something. LOL


By the way, my sunglasses came in and I'm pretty happy with them except the nose pieces are very, very slick and I think they'll slide down my nose all the time. But I can do a little transplantation with the crappers I bought and make them work well.

Unfortunately, Piccu and I were duped on another pair of glasses. They were pretty much classic Elvis glasses except chrome framed with blue gradient lenses. Turns out they are plastic. Very light weight crappy plastic at that. So they are most likely going back for something different. Although, Piccu kind of likes them and there is shipping and a 15% restocking fee as well so that will have to factor in. They look pretty cool, but when you are paying $15 with a ridiculous $9 shipping, you would expect metal. Especially when the description talks about the hand polished frames and other high tech goodies.

Instead they are plastic novelty glasses.


Travis said...

A Point of Clarification:

I'm not trying to get a new broadcasting gig because I think Ohio County is trending downward. I just want to stop traveling so much.

BRATCH said...

Yeah, you want to stop traveling so much to watch us get hammered every night.

No, wait a minute, that's me.