Monday, September 11, 2006

Movie Mayhem

The second annual SC edition of Scary Movie Mayheim is rapidly approaching; this year equipped with a new ski boat and a couple of jet skis. This year there is an agenda to be distributed in the coming week.

Agenda or not, there is one major underlying question at hand: What are we watching this year? I was very impressed with the diversity and overall quality from last years festivities, so this year it's time to step it up a notch. This is what I see as a successful agenda as was last year: something much older, something from the last 15 years and something new. Then fill in the gaps with whatever else. If The Descent is out on video then that would be a good one.


my_merlin77 said...

Ok, I just read your descent comments from back before. I think Dog Soldiers is on the list.

BRATCH said...

What is this "agenda" you are talking about?

I'm hoping it doesn't involve me having to do anything other than lounge around like we did last year.

Piccu said...

I noticed that Young Frankentstein was on Fox Movies last night, and I thought that perhaps we could watch that as a palette cleanser. I already own that on DVD so it would be no problem to bring with us.

I think we should try Dog Soldiers, it was directed by the same guy who directed The Descent. Bratch has seen some of it and he said it looks awesome.

As far as an older movie, I have Black Christmas on VHS and I just recently read that there is going to be a remake. This is widely regarded as the first slasher movie. It is pretty good.

I also have some that we did not watch last year, like High Tension which Bratch has seen. It sounds like it went over very well at Big Kev's.

I am a little concerned that there will be an agenda. I hope this doesn't mean that every move is going to be planned out and have desiganted times like a tourist's itinerary. Also, there is no shot in hades I will be on any skis or any boat for that matter.

Piccu said...

If you want much older, I loved Bride of Frankenstein, it was surprisingly creepy for an old black and white. It was much better than the original Frankenstein.

Another old black and white is a movie called Freaks by Tod Browning. It takes place at a carnival and has chock full of carnival freaks that turn murderous in the end. Very creepy and sometimes hard to watch, very surprising for a movie from the '30s.

Another movie, which I am not sure can be gotten on DVD or VHS is a movie called The Uninvited. It is the story of a brother and sister who buy a home and find out that the joint is haunted. It has seances and ouija boards and chilling weeping ghosts. It is really good.

I am not sure if you meant that old when you said old movies, but I enjoyed all of them.

my_merlin77 said...

Ok, now we're getting somewhere. I like the ideas. In terms of the agenda, it really only applies to who is bringing what and which night we are eating out and which one we're cooking out. Nothing to do. Although, don't eat at IHOP until Saturday morning and we can all go there for breakfast.

Piccu said...

Now you're talking, sister. If I can put in my two cent's worth, I liked going out on Friday and grilling on Saturday. It also depends on when everyone gets to the house. Bratch wants to leave here earlier so we can get there in the daylight.

I expect I can bring some brats and sausages. I can bring some of Mom's tater salad. I might be able to sneak a couple of pumpkin rolls across state lines. I also plan on bringing some corn squeazins. If there is anything you want us to bring, give us the word. If there is something that only we can get here, let us know.

Those are some of my suggestions.

By the by, you might want to call Big Kev or Susie and talk to them about coming after we get some things squared away. A few weeks ago, it seemed like they weren't coming, but the other day, they talked like they would like to but just weren't sure if they were going to.

BRATCH said...

It doesn't really bother me if everyone wants to go out for breakfast on Saturday morning, but personally I would prefer to eat breakfast at the cabin like we did last year. Even if it's just pop tarts and eggos.

I think we had pan cakes last time. My goal is to pretty much not leave the cabin after we go out Friday night to eat.