Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Piccu's Fall TV Preview, Crap I Want to Watch: Wednesday Edition.

It’s Wednesday night and that means only one thing to me, it’s Bones night. The 7 CST hour belongs to Bones on FOX, at least as far as I am concerned. This show has a great cast that is so entertainingly weird. You also have the best team-up of polar opposites since the X-Files in David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. It has quickly become one of my can’t miss shows every week. This will be DVRed and I hope to VCR 30 Rock on NBC when it premieres in October, the other show about a fake Saturday Night Live. I thought Studio 60 was pretty good and I hope this one will be better. I love Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan is underrated as a comedian. He could be the breakout performer sitcom-wise this season. Jericho on CBS doesn’t interest me at all and 20 Good Years on NBC, following 30 Rock, only slightly interests me. I highly recommend you add Bones to your schedule.

At 8 CST we have a bit of a battle shaping up, at least for my viewership. In October we have the premiere of Lost on ABC. I have to be honest; I am not as fired up for this season as I was for other shows, like House, Bones, or Veronica Mars, Tuesdays at 8 CST on the new CW. I hope that the writers answer a few more questions than give us more questions to answers. I will still watch, but to be honest, I am looking more excited about the new season of Criminal Minds on CBS. This show grew on me last year until it turned me fully on to its side. I hate Greg from Dharma and Greg and I dislike Mandy Patinkin as well, but the stories are all pretty interesting and I don’t have to worry about mysteries that last four seasons, I get a resolution at the end of the show. We also have a new season of Ghosthunters starting in October on Sci-Fi, but this show comes on twice during the night so I won’t have to give something up to watch these idiots run around debunking haunted houses. I’ll just DVR it later in the night. As for the other shows, I have no interest and as far as The Biggest Loser goes, I have this saying, “When we watch The Biggest Loser, we’re all losers.”

The 9 CST hour looks a little weird without Law & Order on the schedule, so I will have to give two new shows a shot. I plan on DVRing Kidnapped on NBC because of all the new shows that involve kidnappings, this show has gotten the better buzz. I can’t say I am really that interested in it, but I will try it out for a bit. The other new show I will give a shot is called The Nine on ABC, following Lost. The only thing I know about this is that 9 people become involved in a hostage situation during a bank robbery and the show follows their lives after escaping this traumatizing event. I have heard good things about this and will watch it live after Lost for our weekly visit to Big Kev’s. CSI: NY has lost me. I watched the first couple of seasons and last year after I missed a couple shows, I realized I just didn’t care about the show. Truth be told, that also happened to me with Law & Order.

There it is, Wednesday nights aren’t the greatest on TV, but Bones and Lost definitely make it better than most.

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