Friday, September 22, 2006

Who's The Biggest Nut?

Who's the biggest nut in the world? That's the subject of the rejuvenated question of the week.

Here's a list to get you started, feel free to write in votes.
Kim Jong-Ill...likes to play nuclear chicken
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad...also likes to play nuclear chicken
Hugo Chavez...calls the president of the U.S. names while in the U.S.
Tom Cruise...couch jumping, Scientology loving weirdo
Michael Jackson...crotch jumping, Culkin loving, weirdo
Rob Zombie..."Living Dead Girl" was a big, big hint that he's not right
Pat Robertson...hurricanes are now known as "God's Punishment for Sin", I thought it was hell
Jesse Jackson/Al some point you have to admit that black people can be wrong too


BRATCH said...

I'm going to say Kim Jong-Ill and I'll tell you why.

See for a good long while everyone was focused on "the war on terror," Iraq, Afghanistan and to an extent Iran.

Then Kim Jong-Ill, perhaps in need of some attention, decides to have his secretary make up a press release letting the world know that he's got a nuclear bomb and he could start some sh#t with it.

I think it was a Kramer situation when he wanted to change up his appearance by getting an eye patch. Kim Jong-Ill was sitting around with his yes-men and they were thinking that their image was a little stagnant. They just needed to change things up a bit.

"How 'bout we tell the world we have a nuclear bomb?"


"Why not?"

"Excellent.... Excellent."

Travis said...

The dossier of evidence againt Ill is staggering (born under a rainbow, 17 hole in ones or something in his first round of golf, nuclear nut) but I can't even believe Ill is really that crazy. I get the feeling one day we're going to find out he's the Andy Kauffman of world leaders and it was all one big gag.

But I'll go with Ahmadinejad. This guy has a major fixation on destroying Israel and it's so perverted his views that he probably thinks Jews are responsible for getting rid of McRib. You're talking about a guy who is basically every bit as radical as any terrorist trying to play the part of reasonable world leader.

What puts Ahmadinejad over the top though is he's supporting terrorists. I don't know if Jong-Ill has done anything other than talk. Ahmadinejad has.

Here's my rankings:
1. Ahmadinejad
2. Kim Jong-Ill
3. Pat Robertson
4. Hugo Chavez
5. The Pope
6. Michael Jackson
7. Tom Cruise
8. Jesse & Al
9. Rob Zombie

BRATCH said...

Actually, I probably would have picked Ahmadinejad too, but I didn't want to have to spell it over and over.

I copied and pasted it that time.