Monday, September 11, 2006

Making movies about 9/11 will never interest me...

This being the anniversary of 9/11 everyone is doing a tribute or something about it today. Most of the morning news shows were doing memorials, but MSNBC was airing the Today Show in its entirety as it happened on 9-11-2001.

To me, the news as it happened being shown on MSNBC was the most interesting.

This event in our history occurred and we watched it live as it happened when it happened. I missed a little of it because I was still in bed, but even with the worst memory ever, I can remember exactly what happened that morning.

I had my radio on as I usually do when I sleep and I was in a somewhat semi-awakened state and I can remember hearing something about a plane, but it wasn't until I heard someone on the radio saying a plane hit the Pentagon and the words "coordinated attack" that I knew that I needed to be up. From there I flew up out of the bed and turned on the TV and I saw video of one of the planes hitting the second tower and then within 60 seconds the first tower fell and I was absolutely beside myself.

And that is why no movie will ever even be as remotely captivating as the news coverage of that day as it happened. I realize that the World Trade Center movie could be really good and I'm not saying that I won't ever see it, but I really have no desire to see it because we all watched it as it happened and anything that we didn't see is nothing but speculation as to how it went down in movie form.

This morning watching that Today Show I could have stayed home from work and watched it all day long.

There have been monumental single events happen in the world involving this country. To me the first was the Pearl Harbor attack, then D-Day and then the assassination of president JFK.

All of those events were before the information age. We've seen a little video of the Pearl Harbor attack, I'm not sure anyone had a video camera or maybe even a still photo camera on D-Day, but we have the few videos of JFK's assassination.

9/11 is an event that will most likely never be surpassed in scale, coverage and impact on our country. Simply because we all watched it on TV from a half dozen different angles.

There were probably a dozen professional news cameras rolling on the towers from the get go. You could fill a library full of video and photos and newsreel coverage of this event.

Hollywood will undoubtedly make more movies about events that happened surrounding 9/11, but I don't really think that they should. I think it's just a waste of time.

HBO had a documentary on yesterday that I'm sure they'll run over and over again and it was really good what I saw of it, but it's a documentary and it used all the news video coverage it could find. It's probably as good as a documentary could ever get on this subject. A movie can't bring out the fear, sadness and disbelief that everyone felt while they were drinking their morning cup of coffee and while watching the news that morning.

And I'm in Kentucky, I can't imagine how folks in New York or D.C. felt.

I do remember emailing Travis back and forth that day and we both regretted not driving through NYC and seeing the skyline on our trip through that region a few weeks before. That's probably something I'll always remember about it because those twin towers set NYC's skyline apart from all other cities.


Orelinde_03 said...

Ok, so you need a New Yorker's point of view on this whole thing. I live on Long Island, and am about 1 hour East of NYC. Before 9/11 had happened, any time I was driving in for a a night on the town, and saw the Twin Towers on the skyline, I smiled. They were like a beacon...and made me know it would only be a matter of time before I was in Manhattan proper.

I will NEVER forget (nor do I think anyone will) where I was when the planes struck the towers, and the fear I felt because I had cousin's who worked in the near-by areas of (now) Ground Zero. Thank God they were delayed going in to work that day.

Years ago, James Woods played Rudy Giuliani in a USA tv show about 9/11. I watched that...and it was so poorly done, it didn't even feel like they were talking about the horror that had happened. Now we have so many movies about 'what really happened' or 'tributes' to those who gave their's too much.

Even 5 years later it's too much too soon. That Nicholas Cage movie just came out about the Transit Cops, and it looks great. But I saw the trailer, and I tear up. I can't even talk baout the attack without getting choked up. This morning I woke up, and it was all over the news and radio.
I'm not saying that this was the worst tragidy that has ever happened, or that it is more important than others. But I do not believe New Yorkers, or those living in Washington D.C. will ever really recover.

It was so moving how the nation came to our aid...and people from different states came to lend support. We will never forget the kindness given to us then. As for all the hoopla about what to do with the site of where the Twin Towers once stood. I believe that it should be marked as hallowed ground, and a monument be placed there. Hundreds died from those attacks...and there was blood spilt on those plots of land even before then what with building and other attacks. Yes, it is prime real estate....but I think that the way we should honor those we loved and to STOP making these films about the 9/11 attacks, and not build. I'm not saying to forget our people...but respect them with silence.

Travis said...

Well said Orlinde.

I'll chime in here and agree as well. I especially hated the politicized "Path to 9/11" that aired on ABC. When you have Democrats and Republicans condemning something, you know it's bad.

I do very much regret not going to NYC when we were so close. I think there will someday be a right time for a 9/11 movie. As long as it's done well. But that will be when we're telling our grandchildren about it.

BRATCH said...

I can't imagine being in the NYC area on that day.

I'm not sure if anyone in the NYC area will ever be ready for movies about 9/11.

I'm not sure if they should build a huge monument to honor the day, but I'm pretty content if they would simply light those beacons they had shooting into the night like they did a time or two each night from now on. I think a huge tower would kind of be cool, but nothing will do the towers justice.

Piccu said...

I don't have that big a problem with making movies about 9/11 because Hollywood will make movies about any subject, whether it be for art or for money. I do think that it is too early for 4 or 5 in one year. But as long as they are respectful and are truthful, unlike the ABC movie seems to be, it can be a way to reflect and remember. Although, I don't think this is something that will ever be forgotten. This was my "I remember where is was when..." moment.

I remember being in Wal-Mart after having gotten out of bed and not listening to the radio or seeing TV. Then a friend of mine told me and I thought he was joking. At the time he told me he thought it was an accident. When the second plane hit everyone knew it was no accident.

I remember watching TV, listening to the radio, and talking with family and friends about the situation. The thing I don't think I will ever forget is the feeling I had. I felt like someone very close to me died. I felt shocked, I couldn't believe something like this happened. I was scared because I didn't know what was next. I also felt a numbness. It was just a weird day. It was a feeling that did not go away for a while. And that is from someone in Kentucky, I can't imagine how someone from NYC feels and still feels today.

I just hope that whatever happens to ground zero that it is done with respect.

Orelinde_03 said...

I was in my car on my way to work, that morning 5 years ago. I was channel surfing as I normally do and came to Z100 (a NYC) channel. It was right after the first tower was struck and they were talking about the second plane that was just coming in to sight. I called Ida first (as she was at work) and told her to put on the news, then I called my cousins mother (to see if they had gone in to work yet.)And if they hadn't, not to let them go in.

Our wonderful Mayor and government want to build two 'bigger, and stronger, and taller' towers to show the world and terrorists that we will go on. I think a park or monument or place of dedication on that site would be fine. As for towers, the light towers that they beam would be cool.

Piccu is right. Hollywood will always pump out movies on ANY topic, because that is what the people want. Sex, and war, and scandle, and ALL sells. And there will always be someone who will pay to see someone's hurt.

This morning someone called in to a radio station and asked why 9/11 has not been declared a National holiday. I don't know if I would go that far, but I think it should at least be considered.

BRATCH said...

I'm not saying that they shouldn't or won't make movies about it, I'm just saying that I'll never consider them as "must see" films because nothing will be able to touch what we all watched that day and weeks following.

It wouldn't bother me to have this day to be a holiday, but on one hand not having it as a holiday shows we are getting on with our lives. However, it would probably really piss off the terrorists if we made 9/11 the new official final day of the grilling season and took a paid holiday off from work and scheduled a football game that day.

That's a big F-you to the terrorists.

Orelinde_03 said...

I had wanted to see WTC, because it did intrigue me when I saw the trailer. But it was more a human interest type thing than a political movie. From what I saw. So, Bratch, I day I may watch a movie based on the WTC attacks. But it isn't going to be a 'must see' for me.

I also fear that if this day is turned in to a National Holiday, people will make it a 'partying' holiday such as Labor Day...or totally commercialize it. I never thought about it pissing off the terrorists...but that is more than likely. Good point there Bratch.

Travis said...

anything we do, ticks off terrorist. This morning I brushed my teeth while my wife and young son watched Little Einsteins. I'm sure that made the terrorists mad.

I'm all for the new, big towers. But not as any sign to terrorists. They're not fooled. They know full well that they landed a tremendous blow to this country and they knew it wouldn't cripple us permanently. It scared us. And that's what they want.

I'm for the towers for us. Forget them. I want NYC to have something similar to the original towers back to complete that skyline.