Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weight Loss is Easy:just don't eat.

This was the jist of this new diet talked about on the Today Show yesterday morning. After a brief search I couldn't find the link to get to the interview or to info about the book the woman was peddling.

It was completely insane. Essentially, she said eat what you want and worry about losing the weight and not eating healthy at this point. For example, if you have craving for ice cream then eat it. One stipulation, and it's really a minor detail: don't eat when you're not hungry. Simple enough, right? UHHHHHHHHH, how 'bout no. I don't completely disagree that if you are really deciding between obesity and eating healthy, obesity is worse to a point. So sure if eating a bowl of ice cream is going to keep you from eating at the buffet then eating the ice cream too; I day go for it.

Here in lies the glaringly disssapointing problem: the mass of people with obesity issues cannot control what they eat and how much. This moron was making it sound as if that was all there is too it. That really is all there is to it, but people can't break that. If just deciding to change your eating habits with no further help of plans worked we wouldn't be in this mess. I see this as a novel approach to dieting and weight loss that will help a small percentage of people and worsen or at least in no way benefit the masses. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is a way to line the pockets of someone who is making money off this crap book.

Here is some free advice that will work if carried out guaranteed. If you exercise more and eat less total calories regardless of the content of calories, you will lose weight. If the content of the calories are from diverse healthy sources, then you get more benefit. Really, in a nut shell that is all there is to the mechanics of weight loss and better health. There are many ways to improve the how's of getting to a good point with good plan, but you have to ask me to get my opinion for your specific situation.

Oh, and don't waste time or money on that book. There are better solutions.

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