Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Let's swing by grandma's for some cookies and some dope

A fellow resident here at SC brought an article printed from news max. Though it is dated yesterday, I can't find it to link it. The title is "Seniors Selling Prescription Pills for Cash." It is in Prestonsburg, Ky, and basically tells the story of the quickly growing group of old people or to be p.c., geysers, who are taking there prescription pills selling them at $10 a pop. There is some debate whether the people are using the money to pay bills and but food, versus just coming from a family of drug dealers. Depending on who you ask there is probably some of both going on. They discuss the difficulty of have elderly in jail due to medical concerns.

I don't know who out there has seen the episode of Andy Griffeth, where they are looking for who is running shine. Turns out it is the two old ladies running it out of there house. This whole thing just wreaks of that.


BRATCH said...

This shouldn't surprise anyone.

Every older person that is taking any good meds knows the street value.

And most of the time as much as one might take the good pills, they could spare one or two and still have enough in their system to get by and make 40 or 50 bucks to actually pay for them.

Piccu said...

Most of these "geezers" probably need all the cash they can get and this is the only way they can get it. Some of them are probably just being scamed into selling their drugs. This is the same demographic that falls for the oldest cons in the book. Perhaps instead of prison time they should become paid informers. They could still get some cash and put the weasels buying their drugs in jail.