Thursday, December 15, 2005

Minnesota Vikings players indicted after incident on the "Love Boat."

Just when you think the public will slowly forget Al and Alma’s “love boats” you see that four Minnesota Vikings’ players have been indicted on charges of indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd or lascivious conduct. Those charged were Fred Smoot, Bryant McKinnie, Moe Williams, and the big dog Dante Culpepper. It’s always good to see that a University of Kentucky football alum makes the news in the NFL, but not like this. Moe Williams just rocketed to the top of the most recognized UK football players to play in the NFL.

If you haven’t heard about the infamous sex cruise, where have you been? Apparently a number of Vikings players decided to take a boat trip one week and they imported hookers from out of state and decided to have a fun time of “releggedly” taking off their clothes and engaging in public sex acts during the cruise and more lewd and drunken behavior. The unfortunate thing about all this is that they forgot to tell the crew of the rented “pleasure” boats that they were going to go all Caligula on the trip. Fred Smoot and Lance Johnstone rented the two boats and it would appear from those indicted that Fred’s was the one with all the action.

The Vikings are just now coming back from a 1-4 start. They are now 8-5 with a shot at the playoffs; everyone has stopped talking about this embarrassing episode and is now talking about an improbable finish to the season. Now they will once again be talking about the Lust on Lake Minnetonka. I have to assume that some of those indicted are married. I believe that the quarterback and leader of the team Dante Culpepper is married. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the Culpepper household when the indictments came down.

It will be interesting to see how the players handle the new media attention they will receive and which married players will stay married after this is all said and done. Will this latest round of athletic stupidity and indictments for said stupidity help some of these athletes that feel they can do anything they want? I think not. In fact I can’t wait until the next sports star makes and arse of himself.


Trent said...

Indicted? Charged maybe. I don't think they convene grand juries over misdemeanors (not yet).

BRATCH said...

Whew! I'm glad we cleared that up.

Piccu said...

Yeah, I really blew that one. What if the AP had picked that up and run it. Would I have had egg on my face.

If it werren't for Trent showing us how smart he is and how dumb the rest of us are I don't know how this blog could function.

Trent said...

You know, guys, at the real blog I write for, people correct me all the time for factual errors and even spelling mistakes I make. I never get upset about it. I sometimes thank them. I usally correct it and shut the fuck up.

It's good you guys work at newspaper - you know, somewhere you don't have to take responsibility for the things you write.

Piccu said...

If you write for a "real" blog than why are you slumming with a bunch of fakers? I am just on here to have some fun and write about things that interest me and read about things that interest my friends. A lot of us do not live that close together anymore and it is more of a way to keep in touch with friends and family to me than the New York Times.

I am not trying to win a Pulitzer Prize here. If I screw something up, I don't mind being corrected. I just think that you are coming off as "I am so smart and you are so dumb," and I don't think that is the right way to go about things.

By the by, correct Merlin sometime, that will keep you occupied for a few days.

my_merlin77 said...

Look, if you have problem with something I said then say something about it. I mean the entire www is potentially reading this (though I recognize it is not), so yeah if there is an blatant error then it should be corrected. Or we can stop writing about "news" that people could actually potentially be reading, and just write about catching up. Either way, if you screw up then expect to be corrected, if not by someone on this blog then potentially by someone reading this blog.

Piccu said...

Whoa, slow down big dog, I was just closing with a joke about checking you for corrections. It has appeared that I am the only one being checked by the correction police. We all screw things up in our ramblings.

I don't mind being corrected, I said that. It's the way I am being corrected. Maybe I am taking Trent's corrections the wrong way. Maybe he is joking with some of the stuff he says besides making the corrections. It's obvious you missed my joke and you know me and my sense of humor pretty well.

How about we just quit writing all together and let The Toast and Spincterboy continue on with the tradition of I-A.

Travis said...

I think we just have a bit of a misunderstanding here. I've not read much of Trent's writings so I don't know much about him, but this looks like it got blown out of proportion.

In this spirit of Christmas, let's all just eat some bourbon laced fruitcake and get over it.

Piccu said...

I agree, but I am not going to quit screwing up. And if Merlin wants to have an OC street fight, UCW pro wrestling will be back at the fairgrounds in January and it can be arranged. I of course must insist on Bill "Superstar" Dundee as my partner. You can have one of the Maddox brothers, brother.

BRATCH said...

I'm just going to hold my tongue for now, but I will say this...

Correcting people isn't and never has been the problem here. We're just a pseudo-blog anyway.

And I want to "guest referee" the street fight. Just stay away from my truck.

Travis said...

So it's settled, Piccu and partner "Superstar" Bill Dundee will face off in an Ohio County Street Fight against Merlin and partner Bernadette Locke-Maddox with special guest referee bratch.

The undercard will feature:
Trent vs. Chris Matthews from Hardball.

Sivart Worfner vs. Dirty Dutch Mandel in a battle of Dutch names!

French-Toast vs. Ray Mysterio Jr. with the masks on the line!!

lemur_lemur vs. Cocky the Gamecock

And it's ALL SUNDAY!!!!

Piccu said...

I hate to be a stickler, (especially in this thread of comments)but the Dirty Dutchman's last name is Mantell. I should know, I have lusted after his facial hair for years. I believe that your match with the Dutchman should be a bull rope match, the winner gets Mantell's bull whip and gets to lash the loser 10 times.

Man, if wrestling were fake then I would be a great match comer up wither.