Monday, December 05, 2005

28 years ago.....

Twenty-eight years ago in a land far far away. Oh, let's just get to it. It's Bratch's B-day. Happy Birthday.


Travis said...

Happy birthday Bratch. (cue Lifetime movie music) You've been a great friend to me now for about 12-13 years. Much longer than most people would endure me. Everyone can see your great sense of humor but not enough people see that you've got a good heart and giving spirit. (end Lifetime movie music)

Here's to another year.

BRATCH said...

That was a better gift than I got when I got up this morning.

This morning's gift was a $2,000 TV that broke yet again. So we missed the first Monday Night Football game in the snow.

I also owe you money for dinner the other night.