Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Iran and Israel heading for a showdown.

In the next few months, Iraq could be the least of our problems. Things are heating up between Iran and Israel. Iran is continuing their development of a nuclear program claiming that it is only designed for domestic energy. Are we to believe this? Israel certainly isn’t buying it. In fact, the Israelis believe that Iran will have nuclear weapons in the next 6 months or so. Israel has vowed to take action by March 2006 if Iran does not stop this program.

This would not be uncommon for Israel because in 1981 they ordered a strike on a nuclear reactor in Iraq. After the Iranian president called for Israel to be “wiped off the map,” Israel is very concerned about a nuclear attack. This whole scenario brings a few questions to mind. What part will the US play in this, if any? Will Bush condone the attack by Israel if it comes to that? Will Bush be able to take any military action? We are spread pretty thin right now. Will the troops fighting in Iraq be safe? Could Iran just drop a nuke on our troops in Iraq and wipe out a large amount of them? Could China or Russia become involved? Russia supposedly just sold Iran a billion dollars worth of missiles. We may find out that we went to the wrong country to stop a madman with weapons of mass destruction.


BRATCH said...

The big question is will the Earth continue to spin properly with a significant portion of it missing?

Also, the last time I checked, Israel was more of a problem than a problem solver, so what are they thinking they are going to do? And are they acting like the little man running their mouth because the big man (the U.S.) is standing right behind them as the muscle, or are they thinking about actually taking care of this by themselves?

Piccu said...

Well, considering they are the chosen people and have taken care of things themselves before, I believe they will do what they want to do with or without the US. The issue is whether the US, who let's face it looks very bad in the Middle East's eyes already, will help or castigate Israel. If we help that could lead to, if possible, a worse time in Iraq and if we don't, we may lose our only ally in the area. This could get bad.