Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Hello Fellow Bloggers!!!
I'm the newest member of your esteemed group, and I've done my research. After reviewing several of the blogs in the archives of this fine bloggary (yes, I tend to make up words when there aren't any that are suitable-tee heh), and I've discovered that I should have been involved in this from the beginning. There were many that I would have cared to comment on, had I been a part of this all along. Oh well, life's to short to look back, so let's focus on the 'now'.
I have many ideas that I'd like to share with the lot of you in the near future, but let's get a couple of things out of the way first:

Because of warnings I indirectly received from some very close friends of mine, I have chosen to include this disclaimer, and reserve all rights to refer back to it at any time in order to defend myself, my submissions, and my general lack of regard for ignorance or intolerance for the opinions of others (such as myself).

All the opinions expressed in blogs submitted by one, Lady Bird, are the expressed opinions of herself, and not the opinion of any other blogger associated with this Blog Spot, including, but not exclusively, those of the "administration". These opinions, may at times, be offensive to other readers (though I doubt often).


What needs to be known about me will all be revealed in good time. I will tell you this: many of you know me, I am opinionated, enjoy games (case in point), consider myself a thinker, fairly outgoing, and love life---now, after you've voted me Homecoming Queen, we'll move on with the program. In truth, I will tell you only a couple of things about me, (besides what you read on the blogs) until my true identity is revealed. What's important to know about me: I am one of those people who truly loves her friends and family. I wouldn't trade lives with anyone in the world, and I mean that (including the "blessed" rich and famous). My life is good! You may think that will make for a great deal of gushy blogs. WRONG! I said MY life was good, there are a million other f#!* ups in the world that I will be happy to express my thoughts and ideas on. (Oh, and you probably won't see much of the ^!%&*## from me, as I really don't curse that much-it just seemed to fit in that instance, as it may in a few others). Here are a few other notes/hints:
* My blogs may be long--I'm a little wordy
* I don't spell well, and although I enjoy writing, I don't care much for the rules of grammar
* I enjoy a good debate, so feel free to disagree with me, and bring it on--we'll have a good time discussing it (however, most of the time my writings probably won't be THAT controversial)
* I don't write about only one topic: sports, TV, books, people, animals, relationships--I'll probably cover them all, I'm diverse and have an opinion on everything---you know what they say about opinions.

Anyway-enough for now--I'm going to post this and see if it works. My next post will be about the Holidays and the one following that will be about a talk show host I have a love/hate relationship with.

Thanks for inviting me to the Blog!

Lady Bird

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