Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holiday Spirit

Hello again!
Since I found success with my last blogging attempt, I have decided to carry on. Skip it if you get bored, but I feel compelled to write about the season that is upon us!

I turned to my best friend the other day (yes, I believe in best friends even if it sounds corney or childish), and I say: "I really do love the holiday season, in spite of all the stress they cause."

I won't go into what he said, but let's just say, although he saw hopes for sharing my feelings in the future, he couldn't agree with me at the time. He asked me why I liked them so much and I told him what I will be telling you now.

Although many people choose (and yes, choose it the correct word, because I am one of those people who believe we have a choice in all things) to allow the holidays become of a season of stressful, frantic shoping sprees, I choose to look at the other side of it. I pick up gifts all year. I have, only in recent years, decided that I would only buy for those whom I really WANTED to buy for, and not get into this game of: I'll get them a gift because they got me a gift last year....oh no, what do I get them....I don't really even know them well enough to buy for them. Then guess what people: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! They are probably doing the same thing right now while they are looking for your gift. Do them a favor, don't give them a gift, and next year they will be grateful that you freed them from the stress of shopping for your gift. (Save your money and buy your self a $20 gift you want, they can buy themselves a $20 gift they want, and you're both happy. Seriously people, it's not rocket science. Call each other and tell what "you got one another" if it makes you feel better) If this seems to "cold" to you, relax, there is another option. Start weening them off. If you spent $20 last year on them, spend $15 this year. Oh, don't worry, they'll notice (and retaliate next year with a $10 gift), Eventually you'll be giving each other an oversized candy cane (oh don't pretend you've never gotten one)---and truthfully you'll both be happier that you saved the money and time out of your lives.

Anyway-I chose option A, and only bought for those I enjoy buying for, and that is easy because I see things these people would like all the time. As I said, I've bought gifts all year round and put them in "the present closet", and presently, on December 20, 2005, I haven't stepped into a store with a list of people and no idea what to get for them. Truth be told, I haven't even really Christmas shopped at all during this "holiday season", thus giving me time to actually enjoy them for what they are, which I will get into at another time (as this is getting long).

One more side note: Don't try any of these with your parents or immediate family, you've got to live with those people.

HAPPY Holidays,

Lady Bird


Piccu said...

As I get older it becomes more and more apparent to me that as a kid you just don't get Christmas. As a kid I was always more excited about Santa Claus and getting my "stuff". Now I am more excited about giving stuff and being with family and friends.

I also think that as you get older you appreciate the Christmas season more and more for what it actually is. I really enjoy going to church to be with church family and see the decorations and hear the songs.

That's one reason why I can't see how some churches will be cancelling services on Christmas. Shouldn't that be the one day every church should be "open for business?" As a kid I do not think I would like it as much, but I am excited about going to church on Christmas day.

I see now as I am getting on in years that as a kid I just didn't quite grasp the whole idea.

BRATCH said...

Lady Bird, you just don't want to have to send out thank you cards.

my_merlin77 said...

Piccu's comment was both heart felt and moving, and though I agee with everthing he just said; knowing Piccu like I do, I think he is underestimating his desire for the LOOT!

Oh, and I am supposed to be guesing the real identity of lady bird: it is Big Kev?? Just kidding.

BRATCH said...

Feel free to guess away.

Piccu said...

Oh, I still desire loot, but it is just lower on the totem pole.