Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Are things starting to make sense for the Wildcats?

Do I dare dream that last night’s Kentucky game was a “turning point” in the season? Have some of the players who seemed like they had never played organized ball before finally get it? Does a turning point matter if it is against a team that will only win 9 games this year? It was on the road, does that count for something?

I would like to take this time to sarcastically thank the WKU fans for giving us Pat Pat. He acted is if he has never run a team before, at least until the game was fully in hand. His passes were lazy and he is proving to be a defensive liability. I hope that Tubby will bench him and start either Crawford or Bradley over him. When Sparks can’t even be counted on to hit shots unless the game is completely in hand then he does not need to be a starter.

That all being said, I do have to admit that Shagari Alleyne seemed to pick up something. Unfortunately we were playing a team that basically stunk and its tallest player was 6’9. If Alleyne is able to do this against Indiana on Saturday then I will be convinced he is actually useful. It’s easy to play like an SEC championship caliber team against a team that can’t even win the CAA or ACA or wherever they were from. I was very impressed with Joe “Kanye” Crawford, it seems like sitting on the bench lit a fire under his butt and he came out and played a great game with 14 and 7.

Hopefully this game without Rondo will help build the other guards’ confidence and when Rondo is back that same level of play can be reached. If not for the first 5 minutes or so, UK looked pretty good, they haven’t convinced me they are a top 25 team, but unlike UofL, at least they are blowing out the teams they should be blowing out. Let’s hope they keep this up and kill IU and UofL.


Travis said...

You're welcome for Pat-Pat. I said for the longest time when he was a Hilltopper that he was overrated. He's just a streaky shooter. Usually he's a decent guy to have running the offense, but I guess not in Tubby's system. Actually, what is Tubby's system? Does UK have a discernable offense or do they just play like they're in a pick-up game?
Keep getting excited about those wins over Ga State. (of course I'm revelling in WKU's 7 point win over E'ville.)

Piccu said...

I am excited because they are blowing the Ga States out. If you check some of U of L's scores, you have to wonder which team is worse. Pitino's offense scored 53 the other night. Tubby's system is play defense and if you happen to score then we'll take it.

Congratulations on the Evansville win, maybe in a few years you can play a higher quality Indiana team like USI.

BRATCH said...

I'm sorry Piccu and Sivart, but I was just informed that whenever you refer to Pat-Pat as Pat-Pat or his Christian name Patrick Sparks you must also reference somewhere in the writing that he is a graduate of Muhlenberg North High School. Also try to throw in that North is in Central City, KY.

You also are supposed to mention that he is a coach's son whenever he does something well.

Here's an example:

"Patrick Sparks (a.k.a. Pat-Pat), a graduate of Muhlenberg North High School in Central City, KY and who is a coach's son, is a defensive liability, a streaky shooter and a self-proclaimed "groundhog".