Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Daddy Diary, Entry #1

As faithful readers of this blog know, I became a first time father on November 14th at? (anyone? anyone?) 7:43PM. In the future for as long as it's interesting and as long as I can remember, I'll chronicle some of the more notable goings on in my recently expanded family.

On Sunday night I stayed home with Aiden while Mrs. Worfner went to church services. (I had gone that morning.) He was asleep virtually the entire time in his "Papasan." Which is basically a metal frame with cloth stretched over it that he lays in. It vibrates, it plays music, it vibrates and plays music simultaneously! Fascinating device.

Rather than pick him up and risk waking him, I carried him Papasan and all into the computer room for some internet time on Hilltopper Haven. After a while that got old, so I picked him up, Papasan and all, and carried him back toward the living room. Stopping to turn the light out when I lost my grip on the right side of the Papasan. it dropped straight to the floor and he tumbled out knocking his sweet, innocent head on the floor.

I'm sure every parent at some point in their child's infancy drops the kid or does something to potentially injur them. At least that's what people have told me to console me. It seems reasonable that unless you're Jerry Rice (great hands) then you might do that. He screamed a paint peeling yell and cried for a solid 12 minutes seemingly without breathing. The thoughts that run through your head at that point are paralyzing. Is he brain damaged? Where's the soft spot? Did his eyes look like that before? What's the red place?

Mrs. Worfner came home at precisely the time Aiden stopped crying. I confessed anyway and then turned down dinner (for a little while anyway) because I honestly thought I'd be sick if I could just calm down enough to puke.

Luckily Aiden's perfectly fine and I've not yet been investigated for body slammed baby syndrome. Stop by next time for:

Aiden's growing like a heatlhy baby
Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, CRACK!!

Thought for the day (provided by a fellow Havenite, Swordfish)
"The diapers say 8-10 pounds, but they don't hold half that much.


J's Girlfriend said...

Aaaw! I once tipped over the pram with my 18 month old sister in it. It fell on top of her, but I'm convinced she bonked her head. At least that's what I use as an explanation for what she's like now... Only joking. The fear, though. I thought I'd killed her for a split second until she started screaming. My deepest sympathy to you!

BRATCH said...

I'm sure all of that hair broke his fall.

You need to post pictures of that stuff. I'm tellin' ya folks, that kid is only weeks old with legitimate sideburns.