Thursday, December 01, 2005

Is the Virgin Mary crying?

Why is the Virgin Mary crying? Is she crying? Some would have you believe she is and many are calling this a miracle. Click the link for the picture and see for yourself. The statue appeared to be crying blood over a week ago and the “tears” were wiped away, but they returned. Is this a hoax? Is this just a natural occurrence? Is this a harbinger of something very bad to come? Or is this a miracle that should be celebrated, especially at this time of the year?

I have to admit that whenever I see things like this I am very skeptical. I have a hard time believing that the Virgin Mary and Jesus are appearing in a grilled cheese sandwich or on the wall of an underpass. This I will admit is a different thing. This is outside a church and it is a statue of the Virgin Mary, not a grilled cheese sandwich in her likeness.

What is this supposed to mean if it is indeed “real?” How is this different from all the other so called miracles such as this that people see every year? Does it mean we are lacking in faith if we don’t believe that this is authentic? I don’t believe it, personally. I think there was a scientific explanation for why the “tears” first appeared and after they were wiped away, someone capitalized on the uproar and found a way to make the “tears” return. That all sounds very simple and believable, but why do I find myself wanting to believe otherwise?

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