Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's official, Tom Cruise is number one.

Is it me or has Tom Cruise taken Michael Jackson’s position as the biggest weirdo/freak in America? Cruise has been going off these last few months beginning with his new sport, couch leaping. He then goes on a huge publicity tour for War of the Worlds (a pretty good movie by the way), but instead of talking about the movie he ends up espousing his beliefs on psychology and psychiatry. While I agree that those are “soft” sciences, we don’t need to hear his uninformed opinions, especially when his belief system is reputed to be handed down from aliens. To top everything off, he took a very hot girl, brainwashed her, and turned her into his very own Debbie Rowe. The carrier of his (or is it?) demon seed.

Well now Cruise has got the medical industry all p@#%es off. He has been bragging about the fact that he has bought a sonogram machine so that he can look at Jr. anytime he wants. The American College of Radiology is concerned about someone, who is obviously a complete moron, operating this type of equipment saying this could possibly cause harm to the baby. Although I would assume that even a monkey could operate this type of equipment.

I can just imagine the scenario. Katie is lying down on an examination table in the grotto of Cruise’s mega mansion. She is of course in restraints, for her and the baby’s protection. Cruise gets the gunk and rubs it on the belly. He then begins looking for Jr. He finds him and just stares for hours. Yep, that’s how he rolls and just think, if Michael Jackson hadn’t moved to Bahrain to become the biggest weirdo/freak in the Middle East, tom would have been number two.

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