Thursday, December 01, 2005

I like Gregory Peck, but not this much.

I just read this article on Gregory Peck’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame being replaced after it was stolen. Apparently someone was a huge Gregory Peck fan. So huge that the thief took a cement saw and cut the star right out of the sidewalk and all the while never drawing attention. I would like to think that someone would have noticed something. I’m sure this type of thing doesn’t happen every day. This is the fourth star to be stolen. Jimmy Stewart’s, Kirk Douglas’, and Gene Autry’s were stolen during some construction on the sidewalk.

This brings to mind a question. Which star’s star would you like to steal? I bet I know who Merlin would try to steal. Cary Grant and/or Grace Kelly would be my guess. I could go for Mr. Grant’s, but I feel I would go for Humphrey Bogart and to complete the set, perhaps Lauren Bacall. I am not sure how many stars are on the Walk of Fame or all the names, but I can bet that there are quite a few who don’t belong.

In fact, here are a few “stars” that will be given their stars in 2006: Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Ray Romano, Vanna Freaking White, Judge Frickin’ Judy, Motley Crue, and Wink Martindale. After seeing that list, I would almost be more than happy to cement saw Bogie and Bacall out of the ground just to save them from having to share real estate with Judge Judy and Vanna.


BRATCH said...

I don't know how they started the whole "Walk of Fame" thing, but from what I've heard all you need to do to get one is have the money and a SAG card.

Of course, I could be wrong, but there are some crazy stars on there. Take Vanna White and Alex Trebek. Trebek doesn't even read questions. He gives answers. And Vanna White getting one is insane. That's like giving a one to one of Barker's Beauties, but I guess since Vanna is a solo letter-turner she doesn't have other girls to steal any of her thunder.

I used to think that getting a star was a prestigious honor given to an actor or actress to cap off a great career. But now they are getting them before their careers have even really taken off.

Charlize Theron got one this year. Granted, she is an Oscar winner, but she still hasn't really gotten into the prime of her career yet, in my opinion.

my_merlin77 said...

I think you got my star choices. Jimmy Stewart would be close but since it's already gone...

Piccu said...

I think they have replaced Jimmy Stewart's star. That would be a good one too. I would also have to look long and hard at John Wayne. For a guy who was not a great actor, he could command the screen. He was a true superstar.