Monday, December 12, 2005

Stan Van Gundy "resigns." Could retun to adult films be far behind?

Okay, does anyone really believe that Stan Van Gundy is “resigning” because he wants to spend more time with his family? Isn’t this the generic excuse that is used when someone is forced out of their position and there is no answer other than the most obvious? The obvious answer in this case is that Pat Riley sees the team that has been constructed in Miami and he wants it. He has already talked openly about how he would love to coach Shaq and Shaq loves Riley.

Shaq + Riley = resigned Van Gundy

I would not be surprised to find out that both Shaq and Riley were behind this. I will also not be surprised to read in the off season about Van Gundy’s desire to return to coaching. He will say this after speaking with his family of course. I would imagine that until he is ready to return to coaching, Van Gundy will spend time with his family and resume his adult film career under his alias, Ron Jeremy (click the link and see for yourself).

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