Tuesday, December 27, 2005

David Gilmour on the road again, unfortunatly he is alone.

Pack up the pickup, we are going to Chicago. David Gilmour is going on tour and Chicago is the closest place to the OC he will be appearing. Actually I will not be attending any of these shows mainly because I am sure the Mr. Gilmour will be too stubborn or pretentious to play any Pink Floyd songs. While I am sure that he will make a killing and I’m sure it will be a great show, the whole world is waiting for the real deal, a full blown Pink Floyd world tour extravaganza. I would be so there. And even though it will probably cost a thousand dollars to attend I would gladly pay that because the likelihood of a second tour would be slim.

Gilmour is releasing a new album this spring and that is why he is touring. I have no idea why he would tour because as he has said many times as a reason for not reforming Pink Floyd and touring, he is a fabulously wealthy man. I imagine that hasn’t changed. He must have gotten roped into this and had no way to get out of it. Would it be wrong for me to wish financial hardship for the members of Pink Floyd? I wouldn’t want them to go bankrupt, but just enough of a financial hit that they have to embark on the dream tour. That isn’t too much to ask. At least I don’t think so.

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BRATCH said...

Financial hardship got Cream back together with Clapton.

Dreams can come true.

Though I doubt that any of the members of Floyd are in any danger of it. They could spend a million bucks per day and still probably never run out of Dark Side money.