Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Daddy Diary, Entry #5 (Colic)

Why colic stinks, by Sivart Worfner

Colic stinks because it is a generic term for a collection of symptoms, rather than a name for a condition. The symptoms aren't even necessarily present in every "case" of colic.

Here are some signs that your newborn has colic and Aiden's status on each symptom.
Excessive gas....check
Sudden screaming....check
Crying for more near three hour increments...check
Clinching of the arms and legs...check
Three or more of these "fits" per week...check

That all adds up to Sivart being one very tired individual. And Mrs. Worfner is likely worse because she gets all that fun plus has to stay up feeding the baby. Bless her heart.

How do you cure colic? Well, gee whiz, since we don't really even know what it is we can't cure it. I think it's basically another name for gassiness that has no obvious source. Mylicon drops can help the child get comfortable faster, but not that much faster.

Basically, you wait. It tends to last around three weeks and is less prevalent in breast fed babies. Luckily we bucked that trend! It's a taxing time for the child without doubt, but the parents (especially first time parents) really struggle. Aiden's colic tends to hit him hard around 11 at night (when it lasts for about three hours, you do the math.)

It's the toughest test of patience I've ever endured and I can CERTAINLY understand how a weak person could snap and shake the child. Never, ever would I condone it, but when you have a colicky child, you see the chinks in your own armor and you can understand.

I love my son and thank God daily for him, but it's no cliche to say it's the toughest job you'll ever have.


BRATCH said...

We were discussing colic the other night at Big Kev's and we've all pretty much decided that we're colic-y.

Your boy just got started a little early.

Lady Bird said...

Not to be morbid, but look at it this way: horses DIE from colic (if not caught right away), at least you've got your son!! --sorry it is four a.m.!! I bet you're up too---tee hee!! I'm just teasing, I don't envy you, sorry for your lack of sleep