Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nutty World Leaders

Take a moment and reflect on all the times you've been told, or it's been implied that our president is an imbecile. Ok, it takes much longer than a moment. Take the day off, come back, read the rest of this post tomorrow.

Seriously, George W. Bush is an easy target. He's a terrible public speaker. He looks uncomfortable answering the simplest of questions. He couldn't even open that door at the press conference in China. So it's understandable that SNL subjected us to wretched impressions of Bush by Will Forte (Will Ferrell set the bar really high, but Forte just stinks. Worst cast member since Melany Hutsell.) It's within reason that we see John Stewart nightly making fun of him. And it's fine.

But, brothers and sisters, I think we should thank God for President Bush when you glance around the world. Consider the following...

Vicente Fox, Mexico. Basically drives his people out of the country with one of the worst economies known to man.

Jacques Chirac, France. A man so French, he wouldn't send the army into to quell a teenager riot and instead let them run rampant for about two weeks. He didn't support the Iraq War because the proof now shows he was on the take in the U.N. Oil for Food scandal that still receives entirely too little press.

Kim Jong Ill, North Korea. He runs North Korea, threatens the world almost daily, and is basically as insane as Hitler, just not as savvy.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , Iran. Yet another man who has risen to power who is so insane, he honestly believes the holocaust is a joke. He expects the world to believe IRAN when they say they only want nuclear capability to generate power. Yeah, he wants to generate power all right. He also wants to destroy Israel because the "prophet" Muhammed wrote in a book that the land belonged to Muslims. Of course scholars believe Muhammed started the Quran around 620 AD which means the Jews had been in possession of it for several centuries. But I digress.

That's four examples by a guy (me) who really doesn't know that much about world politics, but those are some nutty leaders. Our president my be half moron and half idiot. Personally, I think he's a stubborn guy who goes with his gut, and is a terrible communicator. But ultimately, he's been a decent president in some very trying situations. But thank God (literally. Do it.) that we don't have one of those nuts. A little power in the hands of a psycho, is a mighty dangerous thing.

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BRATCH said...

I've been saying it for years, the only thing we do during a presidential election is chose the guy we want see on TV telling us the good and/or bad news.