Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tom Cruise, weird in life, but cool on film.

If you are a faithful I-A reader, and I am sure you are, then you saw my little piece on Tom Cruise taking the title of biggest weirdo in America from Michael Jackson. When Michael Jackson really got into his weirdness, it seemed that everything he touched turned to crap.

Tom Cruise it seems had truly embraced his weirdness during the publicity for War of the Worlds and it didn’t seem to hurt the box office. Of course, Steven Spielberg may have had something to do with the box office, but never the less. You may agree with me in thinking Cruise has gone over the edge into crazy town but, dang it all, I still want to see Mission Impossible III this summer. Click the link for the trailer and I bet you will feel the same. Enjoy!!!

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my_merlin77 said...

I am not sure yet, but i may have raised the ban on Dr. Cruise by then.